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Beginnings and Endings. ~ James only ~
"We are still working that out," the professor replies to James.  "I do know she is a girl friend of one of my students.  I'm not entirely sure why he took the actions he did tonight.  He did not even inform me that he knew his girl friend was also affected by the same accident which mutated him except her powers and apparently new personality are only triggered when she is injured.  Try not to worry too much.  I only wish to help her as she must be feeling extremely confused."

"Another question I have for you is, do you wish to accompany use to the Institute tonight or would you rather arrive with your parent when they visit in the morning?"
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James thinks for a brief moment. It was late, he was supposed to be in bed, but adrenaline was still fresh in his veins. Still, he couldn't just leave his mom and dad so quickly, could he? "Thank you sir, but I don't think I can leave my parents without saying goodbye first. I should ask them to see what they want me to do."
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The professor nods and then the world around you begins to move once again.

"Mrs. Carter, I know this is difficult for you.  If you would feel more comfortable then you and James may come in the morning.  We will be having a student meeting in the morning around 9am where I would like James to meet his other classmates.  I can have one of our cars come pick you all up at 7:30am to bring you to the Institute.  Would that be acceptable for all of you?"

Your mom worryingly bites her bottom lip and glances at your dad.  He nods slightly to her then says, "I think we can do that.  What do you think James?"
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James was starting to feel some anxiety, something was bothering him.  Maybe it was his parent's willingness to let him go, something he was not used to.  "That sounds acceptable.... If you all don't mind, I think I will go clean up now and try pack my things and get some sleep."  Did his mother just agree to let him go? He walks slowly up the stairs in a bit of a daze as his young mind tries to cope with all that happened tonight.
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James wakes up the next day.  It's a little chilly and cloudy this November morning but you can hear your mother banging around the kitchen and the smell of your favorite breakfast floating into your room. 

When you muster the will to go downstairs you see your mom at the center of a whirlwind of activity.  She's cooking, cleaning, packing snacks, writing out important numbers, packing more snacks, packing drinks, packing toiletries, and so on.  Strangely she barely acknowledges your presents except to place your breakfast at the table for you.  Your father peeks over the top of the newspaper he's reading to glance at his wife and then back to you as if to say, your mom is stressed again...
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"Thank you."  He says to his mom... almost choking on the words.  Waking up, James was overcome with emotions.  The thought of leaving home for a school of mutants, the head teacher being able to communicate into your mind!  Leaving his mom, the person who took care of him his entire life, while not new, he knew something was different about this...  There was no going back, his relationship with his parents would forever be changed.  What if he liked living with fellow mutants, what if he didn't?  James moved throughout the day in a robotic way, in disbelief of his impending reality.

All of the sudden he's getting looks from his dad.  Mom was stressed, dad's reading the papers, trying to pretend everything is normal.  But things are not normal, they never will be, James thinks... I'm not normal, I'm different and that's okay.... The Professor is different, like me, and all those kids are like me, but different in their own way...  James slowly begins to accept his new reality.  He was always a clever boy, if naive at times.

"Mom, Dad, I love you."
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Your mom's frail facade cracks causing her to throw her arms around you and through tears, whimper, "We love you too, James.  So much."  Your dad puts down his paper and wraps his arms around the both of you and adds, "We love you son.  Both of us understand how big of a deal this could be for your future.  You're growing up.  And remember, if you go to this school and decide you don't want to be there, we will turn around immediately and take you home."
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"Thanks Mom, thanks Dad." Says James as he embraces his parents.  All this emotion was causing a little knot in his throat, he might start crying like his mother.  James pulls away.  "I should go get my things.  I'll be right back."  He goes upstairs, looks around his room, then grabs his suitcase and violin case.  Standing near the window, he takes another look at the house next door.  Here I am feeling sad because I'm about to leave my mom and dad.  That family was torn apart last night.  I will find you Lisa. He makes a promise to himself.  He always wanted to be a hero.
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Just as the Professor stated, a limo comes at the appointed time to pick you all up.  The driver will help you with your bags and then hold the door and offer anyone assistance stepping inside.  When you're all settled, the driver gets into the driver's seat and offers you all a beverage or music.  He then begins driving you to the Institute.

About 30 minutes later you find yourself in the countryside and before long a pair of iron gates open, allowing your limo to enter into the Xavier Estate.  Your father doesn't say much but your mother seems a little awestruck at the beauty of the gardens around the Institute.  

The limo pulls up to the front steps.  The driver hops out and opens the door for you so you can step out.  He then tells you to just follow the steps and ring the doorbell.  Someone will greet you shortly.
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