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[IC] The Dwarven Ruins
Portho immediately gives his everburning torch a heave forward, throwing it about 15' in front of him, towards the gnome and bear duo.

The torch will appear in mid-air before it lands, clattering on the paving stones. As it flies Portho will immediately sidestep.

as he steps aside he gives a series of bestial grunts and growls, albeit in his high-pitched gnomish voice.

[Portho can naturally speak with Forest Animals, which means the bear understands him when he speaks to it.] 

in Bear-speak "We mean no harm, we are foraging."

Then he whispers to Torin - "Allied to a grey dwarf? Dangerous. Dangerous, and evil.."
OOC - remember that animals have very restricted vocabulary -- and intelligence. The word "foraging" is not very fancy but "looking for food" sounds even simpler. Smile

The bear responds with a warning,
"Stay away from chief or I'll bite you".
Portho decides that maybe a bluff is in order.

He switches to common.
"There may be three of you brutes, plus the bear, but we are powerful, you have no idea how or when we could attack. Perhaps it's best if you just let us pass."

[ rolling d20+14 Bluff (11)+14= 25]
OOC - @DM : Just remind you, Torin's darkvision range is 90'

(07-01-2016, 03:47 PM)Portho Nihilbuck Wrote: Then he whispers to Torin - "Allied to a grey dwarf? Dangerous. Dangerous, and evil.."
- Yes. If we are not on a mission then I would attack him. I try to make he show his hand. - he whispers to Portho.

If necessary, then Torin steps closer (40') and then cast a Create Water spell above to the gnome's head. (OOC - IMHO this could not break his invisibility.)

- [[Son of the bitch, toady of duergars! Do you like the water!?]] - Torin shouts angrily in undercommon.

After this he moves closer to Portho.
OOC - you three cross-posted, two posts with less than an hour difference so it's hard to resolve the conversation. A feeble attempt is done in the new thread, here:


EDIT: a last note to this thread. Thanks for reminding me of extended darkvision. It didn't play a role right now since the whole straight tunnel is sixty feet.

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