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[IC] The Dwarven Ruins
OOC - and maybe you could check the OOC thread about my decision Smile
(03-25-2016, 06:51 AM)Portho Nihilbuck Wrote: Portho gulps, still wary that anyone else would be down here alone.

"I was with a larger group. We ran afoul of creatures. Do you know the way out?"

Then he realizes he forgot to share his name.

"Portho Nihilbuck, my name is Portho Nihilbuck. Do you know the way out?"

- First of all we must discuss a very important thing: Are you always trying to use bardic music against the unknown persons? - asks Torin loudly.
He's not angry at now but he's going in the right way to become ...

After this he takes some deeply breath and continues the "interrogation" in normal tone:
- Where did you come? Where are the others? Why do you not know the way out?
"Alone and outmatched by nearly everything that cpuld possible be down here, including the  giant spiders I have already had to elude, wouldn't you? My bardic music would not have harmed you, nor could I harm you or even attempt to harm you while it was in effect. It was an attempt to allow me to escape you if you were hostile. I suppose you think I should have waited and let you walk up to within range of hitting me with that weapon before trying to elude you? What if you were a deurgar, or  a nasty derro?  How would I have known, so a non-harmful bardic song to allow me to slip away seemed prudent."
- Okay. I believe that you didn't want to harm me.
I'm not a duergar I hate their kinds. If I was, then you have been killed.
(I already killed two giant spider today. This was a child's play.)

But you didn't answer to my other questions.
"Is it that hard to reason out why we would come down here? The adventurers I was with, they were trying to find that ancient scroll the Paladinson wants so badly. Me.. I just wanted a look at the scroll, to see if it had any information on the whereabouts of Dolblunde. We were ambushed by the spiders, I don't remember much. They must have dragged us all over the place after I lost consciousness, because I don't remember anything about this place."

"Maybe you should answer your own questions. I have no reason to trust you. Why would someone be foolhardy enough to actually come down here ALONE?"
(03-31-2016, 01:54 AM)Portho Nihilbuck Wrote: I have no reason to trust you.
- You see: this is the problem with your race. You couldn't trust in the dwarf words.

Torin opens his visor for a few seconds, so Portho could check his face.
- You see my skin is not gray, so I am not a duergar. - he spits away when he says the last word.

- I'm in a mission, thats all which I can share with you  (... at now).

- You forgetted my first question: Where do you come from? Without your answers, how can I trust you? Big Grin
"I currently reside in Waterdeep. That is where I met my fellow adventurers. I study in the libraries there looking for clues I can find on Dolblunde, the ancient gnomish city where my great-great-grandfather stood against the orc hordes. Access to the libraries is expensive, at least the ones I require, so to fund my research I must occasionally adventure. The open lord of Waterdeep has offered a reward for any who find a certain lost scroll, so I could not resist. A chance to both acquire finances and perhaps a scroll that contains knowledge of Phalorm, the Fallen Kingdom, of which Dolblunde was a part."

"Perhaps you could answer your own questions as well. Lirr is a respected god among my family, as my mother, and my grandfather before her are the Lorekeepers of my village. Wait, I've digrressed, you now know a great deal of me and all I know of you is that your face is not grey. You refuse to answer why you are down here alone, and yet demand it of me. Tell me of yourself."
OOC - knowledge (history) check 22.
@DM: if Torin knows anything else about Dolblunde, than please paste it here.
- I heard about this ancient city, I think it is abandoned at now.

I already said it: "I am in a mission."  I get it from my lady. 

If you want I can show  the way out of there at now.
Or if you want to help to Lirr, know more about me and my mission ...
- Torin hushes up after this words .
"I am not opposed to assisting you in your quest for your lady Lirr.  However I am absolutely opposed to following blindly, so you must tell me that which you seek.  Otherwise I will simply wish you well met and we can go our separate ways.  I have told you why I am here, to seek the scroll that the Lord Peirgeiron of Waterdeep has offered a reward for.  However that is not my personal quest. will not continue it to certain doom."

"The reason I adventure is to one day find my ancestral home. I am not likely to find clues to that here, but gaining a financial reward will help me finance other expeditions and studies."

"Dolblunde is abandoned, at least it should be. My great-great grandfather was among those who held the last stand when the cult of Urdlen sacked the city. That was in 698DR according to the historians, like my mother. 650 years ago roughly. Perhaps other denizens occupy the ruins now, but not gnomes."
OOC - if you want to place the adventure in the FR calendar then it's 1370DR. (and hope I get it right Smile ) BTW Lirr is a Greyhawk deity so don't feel too strict about anything being FR or non-FR.

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