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[IC] The Dwarven Ruins
PRESENT: Portho, Torin. may be spoiler for anyone else.

Torin friendly lowers his hand which holds his morningstar. During this time he moves slowly closer to the gnome and says (in common):

- Oh what a lovely melody, praise Lirr! What are you doing under the surface, little gnome?
Realizing that his magical melody has not left the dwarf slack-jawed and entranced, Portho falters and the flute gives a squeak. He almost stumbles in his haste to retrieve his sword, then steps back another 5' into the corner of the alcove.

"Keep back!" he warbles nervously in a high pitched voice. "I'll sting you!"

Then he hesitates... "You worship Llirr?"
- Yes, Lirr is my lady. Why did you stop this beautiful music? - answer the dwarf.

OOC - DM: Can he realized that, this gnome tried to magical control him? (Check: 5+x. If it is spellcraft, then the result is 20)

- Ha, ha .. you are joking. You couldn't sting me in my plate. - Torin was saying that, while did he laughing in a friendly way.

After a few seconds he continues:
- Let me introduce myself. So my name is Torin Hillfist priest of Lirr.

- Who are you? What are you doing under the surface?

And he asked also this, if he realized that, this gnome tried to magical control him:
- Are you always trying to fascinating the unknown persons?
[quote pid='8502' dateline='1458826904']

OOC - DM: Can he realized that, this gnome tried to magical control him? (Check: 5+x. If it is spellcraft, then the result is 20)

[OoC - Spellcraft DC 25 + spell level - After rolling asaving throw against a spell targeted on you, determine what that spell was. No action required. No retry.
OOC  -  Spellcraft  DC :15 + spell level Identify a spell being cast. (You must see or hear the spell’s verbal or somatic components.)
But this and  yours are just rules for the spells.  

Bard's fascination and suggestion are spell-like abilities and i didn't know rules for identifying spell-like abilities.
[OoC yup, I'm not sure either so just waiting on a DM call and will accept whichever he decides]
OOC -  I found it., Torin couldn't able to identify the fascinate. 

All about spell-like abilities part two

Quote:A spell-like ability has no verbal, somatic, material, focus, or XP components. Using a spell-like ability is a purely mental action, albeit one that requires enough concentration to provoke attacks of opportunity. It is quite possible, however, that a creature using a spell-like ability might add some gesture, word, or flourish just for dramatic effect.

So without verbal and somatic components and without any visible effect you didn't have any chance to identify a spell-like ability.
Portho gulps, still wary that anyone else would be down here alone.

"I was with a larger group. We ran afoul of creatures. Do you know the way out?"

Then he realizes he forgot to share his name.

"Portho Nihilbuck, my name is Portho Nihilbuck. Do you know the way out?"
[OoC: I'll add my two cents. Of course the DM has the final decision. I thought I read somewhere that if a spell or spell like ability that is mind effecting were attempted and the save was successful, the targeted player would feel a tingling in his head to alert him that something just happened. So even though the Spell like ability might not have a verbal or somatic component, it is still identifiable because of the tingling sensation of the failure. If that makes sense?]
[OoC Which was why I thought the DC 25+ rule was the correct one. D%D 3.5 , they tried to cover everything but there are still vague areas, hence leave it to DM ruling if Torin 'got the tingles']

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