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The Rock
F0G's head spins around like an owl's almost 180 degrees.  "I promised a show but you want in on the action?"  His head continues to spin round and round.  "Alright, as you wish deary but you may get smearied! HaHaHa!"  F0G hits a button on the panel and what appears to be a stone door a few meters away splits apart revealing another corridor...  "The merchandise is dwindling!" F0G pronounces almost in dismay
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Having no where else to go the Captain leads the way into the newly revealed corridor,  his blaster pistols at the ready.  "C'mon, it's now or never."  F0G remains at the station.  "Good luck, you're gonna need it!"
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"Now, was that so hard? It's about time." Dez swears, as she accompanies CaptainSunt into the newly revealed corridor.
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When the group passes through the doorway it immediately begins to close behind them. You continue down the corridor, which bends slightly and ramps downwards, about 30 meters and begin hearing the faint sounds of blaster fire. A few more meters and the sound of voices and orders being given are heard. If you keep advancing you come to an opening and a large dark crevice splits the corridor in two. Looking up, the great crack extends into darkness, looking down it extends into darkness. Looking left and right you think you can see the hollow end at the edge of your vision. Directly across the crack in The Rock is another well lit opening and corridor. The Captain starts looking for a control panel to bridge the gap when he stops and all of you here a count down from the other side. "Three.. Two.. One.." BOOM, BOOM! A rapid series of explosions rumble through the cavernous opening. It seems someone is trying to blow something up on the other side of the crevasse.
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Chattering static breaks out through the comm links and Long's droid voice speaks. ~"You had better hurry. I have had to decompress the docking area. I may have to be flying the Wild Card somewhere to puick you up."~
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Moved to I Jedi.
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