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The Rock
Dez reaches out the open palm of her cybernetic hand for the promised cred the Captain is offering. She tries to use this to hide her other hand slipping low across her hip and slickly drawing her blaster pistol from its modified holster. "The Lady does indeed work for creds." She chuckles.

As quickly as the weapon clears her holster, Dez whips it out and fires at the Rodian full blast.

Deception [1d20+4] = 6+4 = 10
Initiative [1d20+9] = 13+9 = 22
Blaster Pistol (PB) Attack [1d20+7] = 10+7 = 17
Damage [3d6+6] = 11+6 = 17
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Ooc - Many years from now I will digitally remaster this story, making the Rodian shoot first... until then as it stands, Dez shot first like Han solo did Smile

The acrid smoke of blaster fire erupts from Dez's pistol. The Rodian takes a solid shot to the chest and goes down, but not before letting off a shot. Captain Sunt lets out a small grunt in pain. The Gand, quick as ever, draws his pistol and takes a shot as Dez, narrowly missing her head! Screams erupt from around the cantina and people dive for cover.

Roll Initiative!

Dez - 22
Gand - 17
Talz - 14
Captain - 8
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Seeng his only potential ally suddenly involved in the violence he had predictedm Long reacts.

[Initiative [1d20+11] = 5+11 = 16]
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Dez just blasted the threatening Rodian who fell to the floor. The Captain, still gripped by the massive Talz, took a grazing shot to the ribs as Krelli went down and the Gand reflexively fired at Dez. The jukebox keeps playing our favorite cantina song while the party continues...


Dez - 22
Gand - 17
Long - 16
Talz - 14
Captain - 8
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Dez stays in constant motion. She shifts behind the bar and crosses behind the Captain and the Talz holding him and levels her blaster once more; firing across the bar top at the Gand.

"Release the Captain or take a dirt nap!" She orders the remaining gang members.

Blaster Pistol (PB) Attack: [1d20+7] = 10+7 = 17 (or 21)
Force Point (if needed to hit): [1d6] = 4
Damage: [3d6+6] = 9+6 = 15
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Dez's "lucky" shot across the bar at the Gand just hits, causing sparks off his chest armor. The Gand turns his stagger into a pivot and takes another shot at Dez then moves closer to the bar, just on the other side of Dez, using the bar as cover as well. His blaster shot grazes Dez burning her badly.

The Talz and the Captain are slow to respond from the crossfire. The Talz still grips the Captain.
Dez -20hp and -1 on the condition track (+5ac from cover)
Gand -15hp (+5ac from cover from Dez)
Krelli - 17hp, lying on the floor next to the Captain
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Seeing Dez take a solid hit, and more concerned for her safety than the captain's, Long rolls up to near the gand waving his retractable arm in distress, When he is within reach of the gand he suddenly flips the tray of empty glasses off his arm and lashes out with the stun baton he had the tray balanced on.

[Stun baton attack [1d20+5] = 5+5 = 10]
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Long's ruse nearly worked but at the last second the Gand's compound eyes spot the stun baton, and he deflects the attack with his foot. You have his attention now!

While blaster bolts fly and Long melees with the Gand, the towering Talz wrestles with the Captain and lifts him off his feet. Using the Captain as a body shield he backs away from the bar about 2 meters, snarling, he heads for the Western doors. The Captain draws one of his blasters with a free arm and blindly points backwards shooting until a bolt finds its mark in the Talz's stomach. The Captain falls prone to the floor and rolls onto his back. The Talz still standing over the Captain lets out a terrible roar.

Over the commotion of this bar fight a slight rumbling can be felt and the sound of a bipedal creature with metal shoes running can be heard emanating from behind the West doors.

Top of the round, Dez you're up!
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Ignoring the pain, she has learned from years of fighting and physical abuse, Dez plants her cybernetic hand flat atop the bar and easily vaults over the countertop. It is a move she has done many times working at the bar and one she also incorporates into her occasional dances here.
"Surprise! Poodoo Face!" She growls at the Gand, as she lands to his left side and putting the barrel of her blaster against his head, pulls the trigger.

Blaster Pistol (PB) Attack (-1) [1d20+7] = 8+7 = 15 -1 = 14 +2 = 16 (+2 for flanking?) =18
Force Point: [1d6] = 2
Damage: [3d6+6] = 8+6 = 14
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Ooc - technically you gain no flanking bonus using a ranged weapon. However, that makes no sense if you are using a ranged weapon and the target is right next to you in my opinion. You still miss though, the little Gand is wearing armor.
I want to make a house rule if everyone is in agreement. Ranged weapons being used within 1square/2meters gain a +1 to hit? Even Humphrey Bogart can shoot from the hip and hit a target right next to him!

Dez boldly springs across the bar and levels her blaster at the back of the Gand's head, "Surprise! Poodoo Face!" She calls out, but in a stroke of luck he turns his head towards her, his bulbous compound eye shield turns the weapon just enough for her shot to miss. The overwhelming assault and near miss to his head causes him to flee. He runs towards his Talz friend shooting blindly behind him, his blaster fire nearly hitting Dez and Long. Is that a heavy blaster you both ponder by the sound of the whizzing energy bolts?

Dez and Long both get to make attacks of opportunity at the Gand.... he's zig-zagging though...
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