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Character Concepts
Perfect this I can make work.. getting yiou in ASAP. PMing you.
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(11-10-2017, 10:49 AM)Callie Wrote: This is all I had that I can find.  

Her earliest memory is the last memory of her parents. She vaguely remembers being woken up in the middle of the night and brought out of her home in a rush. Her parents handed her off to a stranger who then smuggled her on to a starship. She was raised for a decade mostly on ships, many times as a stowaway. He trained her to fight and use the Force to protect herself and others. Together they would take down pirates and slaves and the occasional Imperial agent. Recently, he went off to see a contact and hasn't been seen since.

The group is Wardens of the Sky from the Jedi Academy Training Manual page 88.

So what I had been thinking was that she allowed herself to be captured by these slavers to find their base.  Yeah, she's a little overconfident and impetuous.  She didn't really plan past the getting captured part.

This is perfect.  So you heard about missing travelers that had traveled near this region of space.  No one travels into the asteroid belt known as 'the Minefield' unless they have business in the region.  Even fewer venture far enough to reach the Rock, but recently some travelers headed to another mining colony never made it.  several months later parts from their ship, traceable by serial number started appearing on the black market.  You traced the seller to the Rock, and had only just arrived a few days ago, and were starting your quiet inquiry amiong the scum that frequents this sort of colony.  

What you discovered so far, once the supply shuttle you arrived ion left there is no hyperdrive capable ships that currently are here. The main industry is ostensibly salvage and asteroid mining, with a small fleet of various privately own mining/salvage tugs.   The Rock itself is rumored to have a deep Hfredium ore mine beneath it, and that the Mayor of the Rock, Holon Veil, would often sentence people to serve in the mines under some contract he has with the Rock's Mining Guild.

Using some quiet 'persuasion' you have found ot that some of the most lucratuive 
'salvage' the tugs have been bringing in is workers for the mines. You were trying to find a back way in, rather than straight through the Mining Guilds front doors, when all hell seems to be breaking loose on the station .   There have been sounds of explosions from the surface portiions of teh base, where the docking facility is, alarms going off everywhere.  Guards have been running through teh corridors grabbing rebreathers and flight suits off private citizens as they head up toward the docking facility, and just as many guards have been running to the lower levels, some headed for the miner's cantina where there were rumours of some sort of firefight, and even more headed for the mining guild, though they would not say why.   

Torn which direction to go, up or down, your decision is made for you when you feel a disturbance in the Force, someone is using the Force, in the lower levels of the mining colony, or rather in the mines beneath it.  You enter one of the tunnels you had found near the mining guild and simply followed your senses through the maze, trusting them to lead you.

Join the Escape from the mines thread, and roll initiative.
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(11-26-2017, 10:10 PM)Shunna Maza Wrote: [OoC: Moved this post to OoC Thread.]

(11-25-2017, 07:43 PM)DM Vitkyng Wrote: [ooc Not every character that takes the jedi class starts with a lightsaber. There are plenty if other Force trained paths.]

[OoC:  Actually, under Jedi on Page 39 (On the right hand side about a third of the way down) it states, "You start play with a lightsaber provided by your master.  Later, you can build your own lightsaber." 

It's the reason why Shunna started with a Lightsaber. 

Jedi are Jedi.  If you want to be from another Force Tradition then you can be any other class, you just need to (or should!) buy the Force Sensitivity Feat at 1st Level.  Without F.S. at 1st level the UTF skill isn't a class skill for you.  Then you would have to wait until you had a Feat available to pick up the Skill Training Feat to be able to use the UTF skill.  Just buying Force Sensitivity at 1st level is just so much easier.

Shunna started as a Scout so I had to waste a feat to buy Force Sensitivity.  If I Started out as a Jedi then I would have got it for Free.  But I wanted Shunna to have more skills (5+int bonus) than a Jedi gets (2+int bonus) as well as the Evasion Talent.

If Callie is not a Jedi then she doesn't have to take Jedi.  She can take 4 levels of Soldier (or whatever) and still pick up Force powers.  But she wouldn't have access to the Jedi Talents though but I think there are other Force Talents she can pick up.   

Quote:Callie has neither lightsaber nor proficiency to wield it. Though I do hope to change that down the road.

I didn't read your background but Jedi get Force Sensitivity and Weapon Proficiency: Simple weapons and Weapon Proficiency: Lightsabers, for free.  If for some reason you didn't get any of these then I hope you traded the things you lost for something equally beneficial.

Oh, Shunna is correct.  I allowed Callie to waive off having a lightsaber at 1st level Jedi, as she started as Soldier at 1st level, and later acquired Jedi class, but you would have had to spend a feat (presumably at character level 3, at same time as acquiring Jedi 1) on Skill Training: Use the Force.  This would mean likely losing Improved Disarm, or Martial Arts II.

Sorry, I missed that when reviewing Callie before.
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