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Character Concepts
I am leaning toward the arm being openly cybernetic. I think it would give her more character.
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I kindo assumed it when you said you were partially modelling her after Furiosa
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Yeah, but I don't see my character twisting off her cyber arm and tossing on the ground when she gets mad.

Finally found the pricing for the ion shielding to keep from getting zapped.
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I my searches I found an Optimized or Advanced Power Pack and a Quick Draw Holster, but now I cant locate them. Anyone know which books they are in?
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Sorry, I stuck to core only for now because I've never played SW Saga. I'd have to p-eruse the other books I have.
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I can't find anything for Saga edition on either item. Let's make a house ruling on special items, feedback welcome.

Quick Draw Holster - I'm thinking a holster is relatively cheap, 25credits, but this one duplicates a feat, would probably be at least a restricted item, is specialized for one weapon. I think 5x the cost is fair, so 125 credits and it grants the quickdraw ability for the holstered blaster.

Advanced Power Pack - Not sure what this would do? Increase damage +1 or +2? Allow more shots before reload, which to me is just a DM call. "Hey Axle you've just fired 50 rounds it's time to reload that 9 shot pistol!" Again, probably a restricted or Military item.
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Found the Improved Power Pack again. It costs 4,000 cr., doubles the shots to 100 and if the weapon it is in has been modified for increased damage (+2) it increases that to (+3). Unfortunately, to have this done would require 1 slot for the damage upgrade and 2 slots for the power pack upgrade. Not worth the trouble as most standard blaster pistols, carbines and rifles only have 1 free upgrade slot unless you want the extra weight that comes along with it.

I also found the Quick Draw Weapon (not holster) pg. 79 KotOR. It adds +10% to cost of the weapon, but only allows the quick draw if the wielder also has the Quick Draw Feat.
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Second character for consideration.

[Image: nightcrawler.jpg]
Kurt Voydraker
Mutant, Force-User
(Scout 4)

Kurt Voydraker
Race: Wroonian (Mutant)
Homeworld: Wroona
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Height: 1.73 m. / 5 ft., 8 in.
Weight: 67.1 kg. / 148 lbs.
Eye Color: Yellow-Gold
Hair Color: Blue-Black
Skin Color: Blue
Class/Level: Scout 4
Xps: 6,000
Force Points: 8 [8] (+1 bonus for Guardian Spirit talent)
Dark Side Points: 0
Background: Event, Born Mutant
Initiative: +9 , Senses: Perception +10
Languages: Basic, Wroonian
Defenses:  Ref 18 (16 Flatfooted), Fort 15, Will 18 (+2 racial bonus to Will defense)
Hp: 36 (36) 24, 4, 4, 4 = 36
Threshold: 15
Second Wind: 10
Speed: 6 squares
Melee: +4 (+4 Dire Vibro Rapier, 2d6+6, S/P)
Ranged: +5

Base Attack: +3
Force Sensitive – Gain the Force Sensitivity feat as a racial bonus if Wis is 13+
Low-light Vision – Ignore concealment (but not total concealment) due to darkness

Abilities: STR 12(+1), Dex 15(+2), Con 10(+0), Int 12(+1), Wis 16(+3), Cha 15(+2)
                        (racial mods: -2 Con, +2 Dex) (+1 Dex, & Wis, 4th)

Talents: (2) Damage Reduction 10, Guardian Spirit
Guardian Spirit – When using Search your Feelings can consult with Guardian, +1 to Force Pts each day

Feats: Force Sensitivity (Free), Force Training, Skill Focus (UtF), Skill Training (UtF), Weapon Proficiency (Advanced Melee Weapons), Weapon Proficiency (Pistol), Weapon Proficiency (Rifles), Weapon Proficiency (Simple Weapons)

Trained Skills: (6+1) Acrobatics (Dex) +9, Endurance (Con) +7,  Initiative (Dex) +9, Perception (Wis) +10, Pilot (Dex) +9, Stealth (Dex) +9, Use the Force (Cha) +12

Other Class Skills: Climb (Str) +3, Jump (Str) +3, Knowledge (all) (Int) +3, Mechanics (Int) +3, Ride (Dex) +4, Survival (Wis) +5, Swim (Str) +3

Background Bonus: Mutant – Swap out a racial ability for one related to mutation (Force Sensitive). Add a physiological bonus related to mutation (Low-light Vision). Add one skill to class skills (Acrobatics).

Force Powers: (4) Cloak, Fold Space, Inertia, Negate Energy

Carrying Capacity: 72.0 kg. (158.5 lbs.)

Possessions:  9,000 cr – 1,700
Dire Vibro Rapier (1,200 cr., 1.8 kg, Improved Damage +2)

Utility Belt (500 cr., 4 kg)
 Food capsules: 3 days
 Power pack
 Energy cell
 Glow rod
 Liquid cable dispenser w/ grappling hook
Credit Chip (100 cr., 0.1 kg) (contains -425 cr.)
Total Weight: 7.6 kg


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Ok, at the moment I'm leaning toward: Scout 1/ Jedi 3 or Scoundrel 1/ Jedi 3 or Noble 1/ Jedi 3.  It all depends how I want to play my character...  Suggestions?


Str: 10 (cost 2)
Dex: 14 (cost 6)
Con: 12 (cost 4)
Int: 12 (cost 4)
Wis: 16 (cost 8) +1 stat bonus
Cha: 16 (cost 8) +1 stat bonus
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I see a scout/Jedi being very explorery, sort of Indiana Jones like. A Scoundrel/Jedi a little shady and sneaky, perhaps mischievous. The Noble/Jedi could just be that, noble in character, forthright, honest, someone that inspires others to be better. Hope that helps.
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