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Character Concepts
I'm little confused by the hit points as listed.

- starting hp = 3x max HD as usual
- add half HD + Con on consecutive levels. Nobles & Scoundrels - 3hp, Scouts - 4hp, Jedi & Soldiers - 5hp

So, does this mean if I am making a Scoundrel 3/Soldier 1 (with a +1 to Con) their hit points would be...

19 x 3 (+6) = 63 ? or 19 x 3 (+4 +4 +6) = 71 ?
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It would depend on which class was your level 1 class, if you took Sokdier at first for the max possible HP you would have 30+1 at 1st, then 3+1 each level after, for a total of 43.

In SW Saga 1st level characters don't get just 1HD to start. Let's say you have a class that gives d8 hp per level, in that case you would start with 24+Con bonus at 1st, then instead of rolling Nerdred is giving us half, so 2nd, 3rd, and 4th levels would each be 4. That means with a Con bonus of +1 the example character would have 40hp. 36+4 Con bonus. It confused me at first until I read that spot in the Core Rulebook a few times.

I guess it gives low level characters a little more survivability when Blasters are involved.
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If you took Scoundrel 1st it would be 19 + 4 +4 + 6 = 33 hp
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I've modified my concept into a Scoundrel 2/Soldier 2 and added the Toughness Feat for 39 hps now.

I have a rough first draft of a concept/background done, but I notice no one else is openly posting their character concepts. My character background is intentionally vague at this point to allow immersion with other players' characters and GM's details to specific persons, locations and the like.
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No one else has posted a character at all. As for me not sharing my sheet, I have agood reason. It is deliberate, and I admit that. A few things regarding my character will be readily apparent and I am going to flesh out my signature to give those details, but my characters background and history I want to come out in roleplay, not in a 5 minute read of my character sheet.

One thing will be obvious, I am a size small maintenance droid with multiple arms. (The droid in the avatar is correct but picture more folding arms added to the chassis as modifications.)
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(03-13-2016, 12:20 AM)MK-L1G "Long Wrote: "Beep... whirrrr Beep? Do my specifications meet your requirements?"

Thank you for your patience Long. I have reviewed your schematics and find them acceptable. I will admit that doing the math on droid creation and items became painstakingly cumbersome for my feeble mind. One question though, why did you replace your vocabulator with a proton torpedo launcher? I feel sorry for the first character to have an in-game conversation with you....

Character - "Hi Long!"
Long - "Boom!" Big Grin

Thanks for helping another player by the way. Again, normally I am much more active with my posts but I have been uncharacteristically busy lately.
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No problem. Eager to play so the more I can do to get the game off the ground the better.  At the same time I totally get real life  sidelining gaming. I have a 40+ hour a week job, DM on roll20 once a week, have a relationship to maintain, and still have to keep my sanity. I sometimes get sidelined several days at a time too.
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And it wasn't a torpedo, I just packed my internal storage with spring loaded nechanisms anmd thermal detonators. The nickname isn't long.. it's BOOM
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[Image: Dez22.jpg]
Dez Synn
Former Cafarel, Spacer, Bartender, Mercenary
(Scoundrel 2/Soldier 2)

Dez Synn
Race: Zeltron
Homeworld: Zeltros
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Height: 1.8 m. / 5 ft., 11 in. (average for most Zeltrons)
Weight: 63.5 kg. / 140 lbs.
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Crimson Red (Darkening near the roots)
Skin Color: Medium Pink[/font][/size]

Class/Level: Scoundrel 2/Soldier 2
Xps: 6,000
Force Points: 7 [7]
Dark Side Points: 0
Background: Event (Crippled)
Initiative: +9 , Senses: Perception +8*
Languages: Basic, Binary, Bocce

Defenses:  Ref 18 (16 Flatfooted), Fort 17, Will 16 (+5 to Ref when fighting defensively)
Hp: 39 (39) 18+1+1, 3+1+1, 5+1+1, 5+1+1 = 39
Threshold: 17 (unwavering due to pain tolerance from crippled background)
Second Wind: 12
Speed: 6 squares

Base Attack: +5 Survival Knife, 1d6+4, S)
Ranged: +5 (+6 Blaster Pistol, 3d6+6 energy, stun, S)
(+5 Blaster Carbine, 3d8+2, energy, stun, A/S)

Special Qualities:
*Empath-A Zeltron adds their Cha bonus to Perception checks, to sense deception and influence
Pheromones- A Zeltron gains a +5 species bonus to Persuasion checks to change attitudes

Abilities: STR 14(+2), Dex 15(+2), Con 12(+1), Int 14(+2), Wis 13(+1), Cha 14(+2)
                         (racial mods: -2 Wis, +2 Cha) (+1 Dex, & Wis, 4

Talents:  Scoundrel (Spacehound*), Soldier (Weapon Specialization Pistol)

Feats: Point Blank Shot, Silver Tongue, Toughness, Weapon Focus (Pistol), Weapon Proficiency (Pistol), Weapon Proficiency (Simple Weapons), Weapon Proficiency (Starship Weaponry)*, Weapon Proficiency (Rifles)

Silver Tongue – You can intimidate or change an attitude as a Standard action.

Trained Skills: (6) Acrobatics (Dex) +9, Endurance (Con) +8,  Initiative (Dex) +9, Perception (Wis) +8, Persuasion (Cha) +9, Pilot (Dex) +9,

Other Class Skills: Climb (Str) +4, Deception (Cha) +4, Gather Information (Cha) +4, Jump (Str) +4, Knowledge (all/tactics) (Int) +4, Mechanics (Int) +4, Stealth (Dex) +4, Swim (Str) +4, Treat Injury (Wis) +3, Use Computer (Int) +4

Background Bonus: Cybernetic Prosthesis (Right Arm)

Carrying Capacity: 98.0 kg./216.5 lbs

Possessions:  9,100cr – 4,375  WIP
Blaster Pistol (1,550 cr., 1 kg, Increased Damage +2, Quick Draw)
Holster (Hip, 25 cr., 0.5 kg)
Blaster Carbine (900 cr., 2.2 kg)
Survival Knife (100 cr., 1.4 kg)

Cybernetic Right Arm (0 cr., background bonus, dark in color due to shielding)
Ion Shielding (Cybernetic Arm, 1000 cr.)
Spacer's Chest (200 cr., 10 kg.)

Utility Belt (500 cr., 4 kg)
Food capsules: 3 days
Power pack
Energy cell
Glow rod
Liquid cable dispenser w/ grappling hook
Credit Chip (100 cr., 9.1 kg/19.1) (contains - 4,725 cr.)
Total Weight: 0.0 kg

Personality: Aspirations to be a cross between Dutch (Killjoys) and Furiosa (Mad Max: Fury Road)

Background: Dez was born on Zeltros and took up the esteemed profession as a young cafarel. Being that unlike the hatred and prejudice afforded most non-humans and near-humans, Zeltrons are desired and wanted by many a crime lord and Imperial aristocrat alike for intimate companionship, she soon became the object of desire for an Imperial arms dealer. After several engagements with the man, his true nature came to fore, as he kidnapped Dez and made her his slave. He would often take out his frustrations and anger out on her, but his expertise in brutality knew how to bruise and never leave a lasting mark on her flawless skin.

All that changed night, while Dez played the escort to her ruthless master in a port of call known for its large elements of scum and villainy. The arms dealer lost heavily at the sabbac tables and was humiliated by the chidings of some of the local gamblers. Heavy with drink, he also was convinced that Dez was showing way too much attention to others in the casino. Once inside his cabin, he lost his composure and beat her soundly. His final attack upon her battered form was aimed at her head to kill her, but weakly throwing up a defensive arm to protect herself, the man instead slashed off her right arm with one of the many weapons he carried for sale and show.

With a few well-placed creds, his problem was rolled in bed linens and hauled away. Her body was dumped into a forlorn culvert and that was supposed to be the end of Dez Synn, but luck would not fail her this night. Her body was recovered only hours later, by spacers passing by and hearing her faint moans of pain.

They were stunned to soberness, by the sight of the bloodied Zeltron female missing an arm and, though they looked, her saviors could not locate the missing appendage; likely dragged away and eaten by whatever horror scavenged the underground waterways there. Dez was hurried to their ship and taken immediately to the ship’s masterful surgeon.

When she awoke, Dez found that her wounds had been tended and the stump cleaned and sutured. After months of recovery she repaid the kindness, by learning the life of a spacer and working as part of the crew. Her personality and efforts drew the attention of the ship’s captain and Dez became a favored sight amongst the confines of the ship.

Then, sometime later, when she had saved up enough credits Dez was granted leave to board a hospital ship to have the specialists there fit her with a cybernetic replacement for her missing arm. Which they did. She returned her ship soon after and trained extensively to improve her skills and learn how to handle weapons. Never again would she fall prey to a sadistic individual without a fight.

Several years passed and saw Dez on her last shore leave. Only hours after departure, the ship and those aboard were obliterated by an Imperial destroyer convinced it was a ship full of pirates. To escape possible incarnation, death or worse, Dez caught a freighter out of the system and landed eventually on The Rock. It took no time, with her looks and talents to find employment doing whatever it took to survive...companion, bartender, and mercenary-for-hire.

The Rock was supposed to be a pit stop on her way to the core worlds but an offer from Holon Veil, the self styled Mayor of the Rock, kept her one night too long. For 1,000 credits Dez had to spend the night with the Kel-Dor. He was a gentlemen, in his own mind, to be sure and nothing bad happened. Dez recognized the stench of black-market goods, drugs, and other unsavory activities on Holon, having been involved with many patrons just like him. The problem was, and Dez was sure Holon arranged it, her transport left without her. Rumor had it that it didn't go far though with pirates and Imperials on the loose. To add insult to injury Holon only paid her 100 credits, said the rest went to protection. No one was allowed to lay a hand her or face Holon's goons. Dez found easy work at the cantina earning credits as an exotic dancer, bartender, and occasionally bouncer.

Flick, Long's Duros master, quickly became attached to Dez after she started working the cantina, giving her credits, offering her a place to stay and even letting her ride aboard his tug. He was a functioning alcoholic, told the worst sleazy jokes, but was also sweet in his own way. He was a regular at first, always paying for Dez's company, trying to give big tips to make her happy. Dez considered him more friend than patron even though she knew he wanted to get into her pants.
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@ Eibon Black
Love it. I still need to review a few things before giving the final ok. Question, is her prosthetic openly cybernetic or is it fleshy?
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