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OOC - Rancor Pit (OoC Chat)
Roll20 is way more work than even US. I created an account on there and rolled the dice. Very annoying. I'm looking for a dice roller, not a gaming site that you have to maneuver through to get to the dice roller.
yup, that's why I use US for here.
Alright, I'm new to US and still learning this whole pbp thing so bear with me if I make mistakes. With that said, since you two are familiar with US lets go with that. (Even though I made this amazing cantina seen on roll20....) I want to figure out how to link the rolls to this site.
(03-21-2016, 02:28 PM)Nerdred Wrote: I'll consider it. I'll wait a week then begin the game. We can add players as the story moves along. In the mean time, what site do you prefer for making rolls?

The second character has been posted in the Concept thread for your perusal. Background is not listed yet. He was the victim of biological agents his mother was exposure to during pregnancy. He was shunned by community and his own family. Went into hiding and discovered a force ghost, who has been mentoring him in the ways of the force.
@ Nerdred,

Could you set up a Character thread for our characters? It would help finding them and make it easier for routine maintenance. Thanks.
i'm using a star wars sheet on Myth-weavers seems to work very well and if the site pulls a plothook we don't lose our characters
(03-26-2016, 04:23 PM)Eibon Black Wrote: @ Nerdred,

Could you set up a Character thread for our characters? It would help finding them and make it easier for routine maintenance. Thanks.

That's what the Character Concept page was supposed to be for but I can see how it gets messy. I agree with Vytking/Long, linking your character to Mythweavers is simple and clean. Your character sheet in the Concept page is fine with me. I know there is a way to put a link to it from your signature but I'll have to look into the process.

Also, like the force user character, clever. I need to review a few things, force powers etc. and think about how to introduce him. I want to see where your primary characters go from here first though.

I can't guarantee posting anymore this weekend, holiday and birthday going on. Monday may be iffy as well. If I find the time I will definitely post.
I'm going to be away this weekend and most likely unable to post.
K, have a good weekend and we'll see you on the other side.
My apologies for creating a character thread. I am having a difficult time having to look up my character for every action I want her to take. I really wish the site allowed editing after several days. It would make bookkeeping of hit points, Force points and conditions much easier. I do not have a Myth Weaver account and frankly the whole site and process (as described by our lovely admin) to make character sheets and accessible to player and GM is a lot of work.

By my calculations Dez currently is at -1 on the condition track, has used 3 Force Points and has taken 20 HP hit points damage.

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