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OOC - Rancor Pit (OoC Chat)
Starting equipment I will allow up to licensed with no extra charge.

Restricted you may start with but must pay the License fee (as per the table below) or the Black Market modifier (also as per the table below)

Why would you pay the black market fee?  -- If you don't want itr publlic record that you havethe item.

Military and Illegal items I will not allow you to start play with.

Licensed 5% x2 10 1 day
Restricted 15% x3 15 2 days
Military 20% x4 20 5 days
Illegal 50% x5 25 10 days
1: The license fee is given as a percentage of the licensed object's base cost.

A great source of information on how to acquire items in game is The Star Wars Saga Wikiahttp://swse.wikia.com/wiki/Equipment#Restricted_Items
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Does that answer your question?
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(11-07-2017, 04:57 AM)DM Vitkyng Wrote: Does that answer your question?

Yes, thank you.  Like I said, I asked him two or three times and could never get an answer.  

I haven't looked much at droids yet but is there anything we should be aware of if we purchase one (if we are allowed to purchase one?)
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I am as unfamiliar as you on that matter, you'll have to give me some time to read. Spending a lotof time getting all the NPC's the setting and the experience awards sonfarfigured out.
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Considering all your equipment was taken twice (first captured by the pirate crew then sold to slavers I would not spend starting wealth on a droid that the story then took away. A droid is notsomething you would have recovered on the shelf in that store room, not in this setting. It would have been taken and either reprogrammed or used for spare parts. Just like your ship was.
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UnseenServant.com Campaign ID 606
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Regarding droids, yes I would allow one to be purchased but they would be restricted to Nonheroic class.
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Questions regarding the Arena
Shunna Maza Wrote:#1:  I'm not quite sure where the walls/barriers are on this map.  There is some kind of a wall beside Stormtrooper9 that I'm unsure if it is a low wall or a wall that goes all the way to the ceiling.  Is it possible to use Move object to move the Talz over to the doorway? I know in some arenas you can look over the barrier to see the contenders walking into the arena or sometimes the walls are just low bars so people can watch them enter.  If the wall/barrier is low enough, she could move the Talz over the wall/barrier and then he could run after Kratos.  The Talz would have a 6 square head start on Kratos so he should be able to easily catch up to him.  If it IS possible, she will call out to the Talz to ask if he's willing to chase after Kratos.  Shunna wouldn't just toss him over there expecting him to do it.

#2: Is the North door open?  Are there stairs?  If there are stairs do they go up toward the north door or down toward the north door? If there are stairs did it slow him down?  Do stairs count as moving diagonally and therefore cost double movement?]

#3: What was Kratos wearing?  

#1 yes that is a low wall.. if you moved the talz there he could lean over and look up the passageway. likewise if you moved to an angle to see past the wall you could look up the passageway.

#2 the North, West, and Sout tunnels are wide open, there is only a closed barrier behind your entry.. you suspect all the entryways have recessed blast doors as well, but all are wide open at the moment. the North and south entryways have stairs that go up at a gentle angle (rising only 5' in a 10' span).  Climbing upward in ths tands does cause extra movement cost because they rise at a much steeper 45 degree angle.

#3 I ahared an image of Kratos already here http://forums.rpgaddicts.com/showthread....2#pid27942   (see the spoiler)
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OoC1: Thanks for the picture.  I did see it before.  I guess I should have been more specific.  I mean, what type of armor is he wearing?  Heavy armor lowers run speed from x4 to x3.

OoC2:  You said if I move I could probably see him.  So if I can see him then I can shoot him, right?

OoC3:  Actually, one of my plans was to move the Talz OVER the barrier to B12 so he can run after Kratos.  If I did this the Talz would have about an 8 space head start so the Talz should be able to easily catch up to Kratos.  

OoC4:  Just moving the Talz to the barrier would be kind of a waste since he is fully capable (I think even if it's double move) of just walking over to B13 and shooting at Kratos, himself.
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His armour appears to be a version odf stormtrooper armor, so light or medium.

If you can see him yes you cxan shoot him.Range's for even pistols ae pretty long when it comes to indoors.
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