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Before There Was Hope, Star Wars Saga
So far the only solid character made is mine as far as I know (if anyone else is PMing Nerdred I wouldn't have a clue) I made a Scoundrel4 following the Tech Spcialist/Pilot tree.. less the con man more the techie

So right now even with the interested players, our needs seem wide open.
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(03-12-2016, 10:20 PM)Eibon Black Wrote: Hi Nerdred are you still castig for a fifth player?

I'm new to this site, but not to roleplaying. I've been out of the loop for almost a year now due to illness, but I'd like to get in on a fun game. I have all of the pdfs. of the Saga series on files and it wouldn't take me long to churn out a character, depending on need for the group and the general bent of its force side.

Thanks for the consideration.

Welcome Eibon Black. Apologies for my long awaited reply, I've been installing a new floor in my kitchen and it's been eating my time Wink Enough about me though, sounds like you have more Saga material than me, nice! I want people to play the character they would enjoy the most. Obviously we need a good group dynamic but we won't know how it will go until we start playing. So, make your character and post it in the Character Concept thread - http://forums.rpgaddicts.com/showthread.php?tid=285 So far we have...

@Vitkyng - a crafty droid
@ Ramen - a noble on the lam?
@Nexendia - shown interest?
@ Regrix - a force user?
@Eibon Black - a witty soldier?
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I'm interested in playing.  It's just been a busy week and it looks like it will continue to be busy until next weekend.  I will try to get something going.  I'd like to try a Force wielder.  Obviously the character would be in hiding and disguised as someone else or some other class.
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Unfortunately our GM for this game has vanished from the site so we are looking for another GM to take over.  If you are familiar with the Star Wars Saga rule system and have some extra time on your hands to GM, there's an group of players ready and willing to continue our adventure.  So if you're interested, please let us know. 

We eagerly await your reply.   Smile
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Still anxiously looking for a GM...  Blush
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The time has come, I am officially stating my intention to take over as the GM of this game as ling as I have interested players.

It will take me a few days at least to get things rolling and plan how to pick up the story vright where Nerdred left off.

Roll call who's interested in continuing and who would like to join?
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System: Star Wars Saga Edition
Player Count: 2 (seeking 1-4 more players)
Style of Play: PbP

Campaign Backstory: 
A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...

The Empire rules with a black metallic fist, non-humans are oppressed, freedom is oppressed, the Empire's bleak grey Star Destroyers fill the cold depths of space.  Chance has stranded you in a little known part of space known as "The Minefield," an asteroid field that looks to be a short-cut for spacers but often proves to be a deathtrap.  "The Rock" is the only spaceport that exists within the asteroid field and it is here you find yourself looking for a means to escape.

Fortune seems to be on you're side when an old and beat up piece of junk, a Corellian XS-800, comes crashing onto the spaceport. Rumour says her captain is looking for a good crew, the old crew is dead, and someone to pilot him out of The Minefield.  Having the keys to the only starship with a hyperdrive on The Rock makes this captain a target for all kinds of envious sorts.  Time is short and just signing up with this captain could spell your doom.  Less than a few hours after his arrival theRock is in turmoil, there are explosions, riots, armed battles in the corridors, and everyone seems to be battling everyone else, this is where new players will enter the story. 

Will you bide your time on The Rock and try to set yourself up as Mayor?  Will you take the first ticket off and make your mark on the galaxy?  Or do you have other plans?  The choice is yours.

Setting - Star Wars - just prior to the events of Rogue One

Allowed Content:
  • Any of the Star Wars Saga edition books published by WotC

Character Creation:
  • Light side campaign
  • Class Restrictions: none, however as the existing players both have force wielders it is preferred that new characters joining not also be force sensitive as this is an era with few people trained in the force
  • Starting level: 4th
  • Hit Points/Health: 1st level starting hp = 3x max HD as usual
    - add half HD + Con on consecutive levels. Nobles & Scoundrels - 3hp, Scouts - 4hp, Jedi & Soldiers - 5hp
  • Skills:- pick any skills up to your limit
  • Wealth: starting credits = Max 1st level + 6,000
      - Max first level
      - Jedi 1,200
      - Noble 4,800
      - All the rest 3,000
  • Ability Scores: Use either 32 point buy (27 for droid) or standard array (15,14,13,12,10,8)
    - don't forget to add +1 ability to two abilities at 4th level
    Point Buy System Your character's ability scores all start at 8. You have 32 points to spend to increase their scores, using the costs shown below. After you select your scores, apply any species modifiers. 

    Quote:Point Buy System (32 points to spend / 27 Points for Droids (no Con score))
    Score / Cost
    8 / 0
    9 / 1
    10 / 2
    11 / 3
    12 / 4
    13 / 5
    14 / 6
    15 / 8
    16 / 10
    17 / 13
    18 / 16

  • Backstory: Up to you, but bear in mind you have come to be trapped on the Rock, in the Minefield asteroid belt, where few ships venture and fewer return
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We are underway - http://forums.rpgaddicts.com/showthread....1#pid27851 Let me know in the chracter concepts thread if you wish to join in.
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