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Swimming Pool! [Open everyone] + Malcolm
November 27
Open to everyone

[Malcolm should post in his Dorm Room first.  Remember Jack is there so you would see him before going to the pool.]

After getting your swim suits on.  Each of you trot down to the indoor swimming pool for a dip.  Currently there is no one using the pool. [Until one of you post.]
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Katrina is there before everyone else, wearing the same dress that she was before. The same dress that she always wears, to most peoples' perceptions. Some people know what is going on there, some don't. But that's the reason she's there first. She can't readily swim, under her circumstances, so she didn't need time to change. But she's content to sit by the pool and watch the boys.
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[Image: Seb_zpsrishrmid.jpg]

[I'm not sure how, but I found Sebastian's original pic on google, the first try! ]

Sebastian didn't have any idea where his room was so he let Katrina show him.  He then searches the room for a bathing suit, gets dressed, then jogs to the elevator.  Moments later the elevator opens, allowing him to go to the level where the pool was located.  Thankfully the two mansions were very similar so he had no problem finding proper sub-basement.  

Arriving at the pool he walks in and sees Katrina and flashes her a smile.  He does a jog over to where she's seated and says, "Hey. This place looks almost exactly the same as I remember.  There's a few things out of place like, MY ROOM!  But otherwise very familiar."  He glances around to make sure no one is with them, then sits down beside her and says quietly, "So are you now going to give up the prank?  This is a prank isn't it?"
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Kat frowns at Sebastian. "I'm not good enough at lying to pull off something like that. I really wish it was a prank, because I don't know what's going on. But it's not."
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"I don't remember you being a liar, Kat," Sebastian replies.  "But I was hoping you were playing a joke on me."  He wasn't really sure how much he should say.  If this was his Katrina he could tell her anything.  But since this seems to be not a prank, anything personal he says might be deemed T.M.I.  Sebastian puts his elbows on his knees and rubs his eyes.  "Kat, I don't want to make you feel uncomfortable.  If you would rather me stay away from you because it's creeping having someone with 'feelings' that you don't remember, then I understand.  I would feel bad if in a weak moment, you caught me looking at you like a boyfriend or saying something inappropriate that I might say to a girlfriend.  I don't want you to get more weirded out!"
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Kat's mouth falls open and her eyes go wide, just before she turns red. "Oh! ... I didn't... Well, that's... awkward. Um... No. I'm afraid I don't really know you very well. We haven't hung out or anything. In fact, I'd wondered why you grabbed my hand, at the train. It seemed... out of character for you... "

She shakes her head. "It's fine. I don't mind staying with you while we figure this out.  So, you know what I really look like, then? Or am I different there, too? You didn't flinch or anything when you grabbed my hand, and I know you... the other you... hadn't ever touched me before, so..."
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"See, I've already said something that made you feel awkward."  Sebastian frowns for a moment then says, "I'm sorry.  I'll try harder.  Like I said, I could talk to you about anything.  Or I use to."

When she asks about their relationship he replies, "Yes I knew what you look like and your skin feels like.  Boyfriends and girlfriends hold hands, right? So of course I didn't flinch.  Only an asshole would do that anyways!  And like I said, I could talk to you about anything and I hope you could to... I mean the other you."  Letting out a deep sigh of frustration he says, "I know this is weird for the both of us.  You don't have to worry.  You won't be catching me starring at you all moon-eyed across the room.  Promise."

[OoC: if at any time Katrina glances away from him, when she looks back to him he does the following...]

When Kat looks away then looks back to say something, she spots Sebastian gazing at her all moon-eyed.  He suddenly holds up his hands and says jokingly, "I'm only kidding!!  Joke! Joke!"
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Malcolm comes out onto the poolside from the locker rooms.. in a pair of baggie black jeans cut off just below his knees. The black jeans only serve to make him look even paler, and skinnier than usual. His upper body is extremely thin and lacking physique, he obviously doesn't get a lot of exercise.

He looks around and sees Sebastion and Katrina, and smiles.

"Oh cool! I thought when Jack bailed I might be down here alone. You guys getting wet?"
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Kat laughs at Sebastian's joke, and is about to protest that it isn't what he said that was awkward, the situation is awkward. But then Malcolm comes in. Kat waves to him cheerfully.

"Hey Malcolm." She shakes her head. "I'm not planning to. Can't swim." Ok, a bit of a lie. She could swim, if she took her device off. Very well, in fact, given the shape of her actual 'hands.' But the only people who had seen her real form were Beast and the Professor... and now Sebastian. So she really isn't ready to go full-on swimsuit mode. "But I'm happy to watch you guys."
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"Ummm ok... " Malcom seems unsure about the idea of a girl watching him, but after rubbing his head briefly seems to shrug it off.

"you up for a little frisbee in the pool, Sebastian? I promise no telekinesis used... unless it's to retrieve a throw out of the pool, maybe."
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