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Dawn of a New Age
Hey everyone. I'm looking for three to four players (Based on interest) for a 5e D&D game. You all will start off at level 1, and I will accept everything from the PHB for your character. Here's some details about the world in which you'll be playing in:

            In 384, the Kingdom of Killi gained full control of the strait, naming it the Strait of Killi after themselves. The westerly winds that brought merchants to Lla’u’a Island made going through the strait easier than around the neighbouring Emerald Isle, and the Kilian’s used this to their full advantage. Flexing their navy’s might, the kingdom grew fat from the combination of taxation and marketing their city as a place one can resupply, trade, and relax. However, this golden age of wealth and opulence soon drew an undesirable element of naval trade: Pirates.
            Using the Emerald Isle to hide, they rode the waves into the strait, raiding and plundering any and all ships that they could, then returning to hide amongst the mangroves. Eventually, four pirates established themselves as the main Pirate Lords: Thar Blood-Hoof, Caelynn the Fair, Maximillian the Third, and Torvald MacDough. Under their onslaught, the Kilian’s couldn’t win, and turned to the south for help.
            Three hundred and fifty kilometers to the south-east, the Kingdom of Marrakesh ruled supreme. Ruled by Orcs, it was a predominately land based empire, eternally warring with its neighbours. The Marrakesh dealt with the Kilian’s in matters of trade; the Marrakesh would ship up minerals, timber, and foodstuff in return for Killian spice, cloth, and gold. Due to the Marrakesh’s more warlike nature, the pirates often overlooked their ships, deeming them too much hassle for the worth. Because of this, the Kilian’s sent an emissary overland to the kingdom. After negotiating a quite hefty price, the Marrakesh agreed to send their War Junks to aid the Killian navy in the defeat of the pirates.
            After many skirmishes, the combined might of the two navies were successful, and the pirates retreated to tend their wounds, but all was not well. The Marrakesh saw how much wealth and opulence controlling the strait brought to the Killian kingdom, and they wanted it. Less than a week passed before Marrakesh guns turned onto their former allies. The Kilian’s, wounded and tired, surrendered immediately, signing a peace agreement called the Iron Accord. The Marrakesh now became the dominant power on the seas. Merchant ships flocked their cities, and Marrakesh War Junks protected the merchants.
            This left the pirates in a precarious position. In their port of Szmaragd, concealed by the mangroves of the Emerald Isle, they began to plot, but couldn’t agree to anything, until one fateful day. Torvald had been secretive during these talks, preferring to speak with his own council, but then out of the blue approached the others with a plan: He wanted to build a capital. Not a pleasure port like Szmaragd, but a real seaside city, complete with everything they would need to attack the Marrakesh. In exchange, Torvald proposed to split the island amongst them, each leader gaining their own kingdom. Another condition, was that they would combine their fleets, co-ordinate attacks, work together, unlike what they had previously done. The plan was sound, and they agreed.
            In 436, Torvald’s plan came to fruition. The city of Haven was established, and the entire island renamed Haven as well. Gathering every vessel under their rule, Torvald, Thar, Caelynn, and Maximillian the fourth set sail for war. However, Marrakesh noticed that there was activity going on, and was not idle.
            The two navies met in the middle of the strait. The Marrakesh had more vessels then the pirates, but the pirates possessed superior firepower. The battle, which became known as the Battle of the Burnt Flags, ended in a stalemate. The pirates did not achieve victory over the Marrakesh, nor the Marrakesh over the pirates, but it did break Marrakesh’s unchallenged hold over the strait. The pirates now knew that they were equals to the Marrakesh War Junks, and the gates were opened for raiding again on the high seas, with one key difference.
            Merchants had heard of the pirates might, and Haven now saw itself becoming a major trading port. The merchants with tired of paying the high prices that Marrakesh wringed from them, and Haven was quite happy to offer protection against Marrakesh for a cheaper fee.
            It is now 636, and the strait of Killi is a wild place. Marrakesh and Haven battle constantly for control over the strait. The Kilian’s, still bitter from the betrayal of the Marrakesh, have begun to attack them on land, ceding them the waters. Thar Blood-Hoof, having lost a leg during the battle, sold his portion of Haven, wanting instead to retire in Szmaragd, living out his years in earthly pleasures. Caelynn claimed the lands to the north-east, the lands which she initially landed on, founding the country of Nailo. Ruling it for 160 years, she stepped down as Queen, promoting one of her lieutenants as King, and retired as well to Szmaragd. Maximillian the fourth received land to the south-east. However, he wasn’t content, and wanted Haven to himself. Declaring war on Torvald, he launched an all-out naval assault, which ended in massive failure. Torvald executed Maximillian, and took his lands into his own.
            Torvald, as the mastermind behind the plan, became Haven’s leader. Spreading his might and influence across the land, he took control of all land not claimed by Caelynn and Maximillian, becoming a very powerful king. However, when a hunting accident occurred in 628 that ended up with him being gored to death by a rabid boar, his lands split apart. Having not chosen an heir, most of his daughters believed that they were the rightful ruler, and some of his former lieutenants have decided as well that they have no idea on how to rule, and should be the ruler instead.

I hope I've peaked your interest. Players will be first post, first pick basis. Game Post-wise, I think every 3 days at most is fine. If everyone posts, it'll be shorter, but I like the window. Once I have a party formed, I start another thread for the game. Thanks for reading Big Grin
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I'm Interested. I haven't played 5e yet but looking forward to a game. I'm thinking of playing some type of sorcerer. Are there limitations on good or evil characters???
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Not quite sure what you mean, but alignment and RP wise no. I will ask that you that your good/evil character makes sense. No extremes please, like drowning puppies in vats of dissolved kittens, or some Good version extreme.
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