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Ye Olde Background and History Thread!
The title says it all.
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This will take me some time. I generally try to work on longer backgrounds that flesh my characters out and Selina's was lost along with plothook.:-\
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Well, let's see...Like all stories one must have a beginning.

Three of Hearts

Mardak came from a small fishing village named 'Turn' on the western coast of Sancrist.  The town was named Turn because there was nothing to see there.  Though in truth it had its charm.  Many folk would pass by and nod to the one guard in his rusty 'Knight of Somethings' armor at the foot of Turns gate.  There were many kids and children of the land (the latter of which named Kender) inhabiting the small village.  Mardak was one of those kids and an odd one at that.  He had said -and to the constant annoyances of the other children- that his father was a dragonslaying Knight; One of those 'Knight of Somethings'.  Through the trials of living with Kender and Human families, Mardak became stronger and became use to the shenanigans and tomfoolery of Kender.  This was when he met an 'Afflicted' Kender named Kendal Twitterspeak.  An 'Afflicted' Kender was one that had witnessed the destruction of Kendermore by the red dragon named 'Malstryx'.  Kendal Twitterspeak had retained her lust for life but her carefree attitude and innocence was lost, much like all others that were Afflicted.  Kendal and Mardak became very good friends unlikely as that was.  They would fly kites together, fish together, run together, if there was ever an instance of 'together' that could be done between two people, Mardak and Kendal have done it.  They knew each other implicitly and one day they both decided to strike out into the lands and go north to see The Wistan Castle and the 'Whitestone'. (History records that this: "Vinas Solamnus was resting on a black granite stone in the Isle of Sancrist when he received the vision in which the three gods, Habbakuk, Kiri-Jolith and Paladine, told him to found the Knights of Solamnia. The stone turned white after the vision, and became known as Whitestone." Dragonlance Wiki.)

The paths were treacherous and both have eventually fallen for each other along the way.  Promises were made, items were given and through love and pact magic -because a human male and a kender (halfling) woman wasn't possible through normal means to have a child- a beautiful girl named Lily.  The pact magic came from a witch whom Mardak consulted on his travels.  Upon considering his predicament with his wife, the witch was more than happy to take what Mardak offered.  Amdark was his new name but hidden it and the suffix that came with his name.  Kendal almost immediately noticed the mans countenance and physical appearance as different and somewhat sallow.  Though she loved him very much and didn't question him.  He most definitely knew the look.  The look that always meant she knew something was up.  Days grew darker for Amdark and Kendal and Lily as they had approached Castle Wistan.

The witch that cursed him years ago decided to 'Turn' the agreement a little as, even though she was satisfied with what he gave, she wanted more.  Amdark wanted to show his wife and child the birthplace of the 'Knights of Somethings', The Knights of Solamnia.  It was his wish, it was what he requested from the old crone. Though as the curse writhed its python-like grip around Amdarks cord of fate, the three met the exact opposite of the good Knights that day.  The Knights of Takhisis were planning a siege that morning with a surprise attack at dawn.  Dragons swooped in along with dragon-like men towards the Wistan Castle.  It was then the Castles' defenses sprung to life with its own contingent of Silver Dragons and Knights.  Amdark and his family were doomed to die, so the only thing he could do was run with his girls in his arms.  All three of them were mortally wounded by debris from a dragon attack.

The curse writhed once last time, taking the breath away from both his loves leaving Amdark a shell of his former self.  The Knights eventually fought back the invading horde and Amdark was eventually picked up by one of the soldiers and taken inside the castle because Amdark actually looked dead being sallow and frail and covered in blood.  He told a knight that was willing to hear the story of 'Mardak Trannyth' and as luck would have it, the knight took him in under his wing and trained the man.  Years passed of being clothed, fed and generally looked after did Amdark finally confirm his suspicions all along.  His father was a high ranked Knight of the Sword, a calvaryman in Paladines second legion.  His name was Turner Rose.  A man of charm whom had a penchant for sweets but with a singularly grouchy nature.  There was a day when Amdark received his fathers effects and most importantly, his fathers beat up stetson.  Almost every night, he was allowed to set out and rest on the Whitestone to pray to Nuitari (the goddess of the night or so he thought) to protect his children and to send him a sign.    

Through the extensive training with most weapons and armours did Amdark learn to defend himself.  Much like his Kender wife and all the tales she told him; He was afflicted with wanderlust.  Through hard work and true grit, Amdark was able to pay for all of his effects with some steel pieces and he bid all of the knights farwell.  
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Did Mardak's parents come from "Flop"? Did his wife come from "River"? :-P
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I will detail betimi's past later. Not sure I will do it here or in PM though.
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(Background WIP):
Some grow into strife, others find it without looking. Still others seek it out for what they view as the betterment of their own name. A select few are granted it as a gift on the day they are born, and are forced to toil under its weight forever. Selina was not born with her last name, however. It was granted to her by the monastic ladies of the Convent of Selune, where a basket bearing her sleeping form and first name was left not long after her birth. Apparently, her birth parents had no desire to let anyone connect such a creature to themselves. Or this is what she has grown up believing. Among the followers of the Moonmaiden, she found Peace and Acceptance. Few, if any noticed her particular differences, and only one of them actually cared to point them out. That one became her fast friend, as she had no interest in ridiculing her for it, resulting in her earning Selina's undying gratitude. Her name was Samara. She was a half-human (half-elf, actually) herself, and the two spent almost all of their time together, even though Samara was several years Selina's senior. Samara was fairly gifted in travel magic, another of Selune's domains. This was helpful, because travel magic was something Selina fairly struggled with. She could scribe a personal protection field like a master or heal a muscle tear or embolism, but she could not make a block move from one place to another without physically pushing it.
Selina was a remarkably brilliant student in the healing arts. She absorbed knowledge about the human (as well as those of many other sentient species) body like a sponge, seeming to have an almost innate understanding of how pieces fit together and what constituted disalignment and disease. A star pupil, Selina quickly rose to the top of her class of students and, at the tender young age of 17, was gifted the mantle of Priestess of Selune far faster than any other student at that Convent ever had.
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