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Issue #0: What came before... [~Malcolm only~]
Malcolm just stares at his feet throughout, numb.
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A guard hands you a pillow and rough blanket and a couple of pairs of black and white striped prison wear and then asks you to come with her.  She leads down a hallway and a past a few doors that buzz loudly as they open for you both.  You then enter into a large common room that has five round tables that each have five stools attached, a couple of armless two-seater couches and a large blue desk with two more guards.  The walls are lined with two levels of blue doors with a single staircase at each end of the room to allow access to the upper rooms.  Each door has a large window centered near the top.  There are some windows along one wall that look out into a workout area where lots of teens are currently hanging out or playing different games such as basketball or soccer.

[Image: PriALAMEDAJJD09.jpg]

"This is the common room where you will spend most of your day.  If you are good you will get TV and phone time."  She walks you to one of the doors and opens it and waits for you to enter.  Inside you see one simple platform bed, with a thin mattress, a desk attached to the wall near the bed, a stool, and a stainless steal sink and toilet.  There is two tall thin windows at the back of the cell.  "Welcome to your new home.  You have 10 minutes to get dressed."  She then closes the door as she leaves.

[Image: prison-cells.jpg]
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Malcolm tosses the clothing onto the bed, then sits down on the bed to get a feeling for his surroundings.

Without even being aware of it one of his mental tendrils instinctively peers out the small window, disorienting him, so he closes his eyes trying to stop the dizziness.

[OoC clairvoyance even though it is just looking over his shoulder at the moment s still totally new.]
The experience causes him to lose track of time and he is stillsitting on the edge of the bed, eyes squeezed tightly shut several minutes later.
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A loud buzzer snaps you out of miserable thoughts.  You spot several teenagers through the window in the door of your cell.  It appears that recreation time was over and the other inmates were being rounded up and accounted for by two of the guards.  A few moments later a guard peeks into your room, obviously checking to see who had not gathered in the main room.  He taps on the window to get your attention and then motions sternly for you to come out of your room.

If you decide to do as your told, all the teens are staring at you as you step outside your room.  Some snicker, others sneer, most whisper to one another.  The gathered teens are only male who range from around 12 to 17 years of age and every skin color is represented.
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Malcolm steps gingerly out of his cell, but keeps near the door. Near a safe exit, somewhere he can retreat.
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Once Malcolm steps out, they will motion for him to get in line.  When he does, they add him to the count and says, "For you new people, we do random head counts every day.  You all are expected to stop whatever you're doing and get in line to make sure you're all accounted for.  If you are good you will be rewarded with privliges.  If you're not, then you will be punished.  That could be anything from cleaning, confinement into your rooms or solitary.  It's up to you how plesent your stay will be.  Understand?"

Everyone will reply, "Yes."  If Malcolm doesn't, they will stop and ask him to speak up.

Soon everyone is told to go to the Cafeteria and get some lunch.  One of the guards point at a kid about your age and tells him to help you out.  He nods and when they are allowed to break formation he wanders over to Malcolm and says, "Hey.  I'm Jamie."
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 Malcolm doesn't say anymore yet. He just stands there , waiting to see what Jamie does next. In Malcolm's experience, kids his own age are usually a threat, he cannot afford to let his guard down, or reveal anything. Jamie must have an ulterior motive, even if that is just avoiding trouble with the guards.
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"I know it sucks being here," he says when Malcolm doesn't respond.  "I will take you to the cafeteria."  While he walks with you to the cafeteria he will fill you in on some of the rules.  Most are common sense like, no fighting; no arguing; tell a guard if anyone is doing anything wrong or if they threaten you.  He also tells you that everyone is suppose to be in their rooms by 8:30pm and be up for breakfast by 8am.  Everyone has designated shower days.  And recreational activities are based on a point system.  You gain and lose points with good and bad behavior.  

Soon you arrive at the cafeteria.  He tells you that you just have to get in line with a tray.  They will give you food and then you go sit down anywhere you want.  Some of the guys can be assholes so stick with me for today until you get a feel for the place.  He also tells you they do have a girls wing too but there's not much interaction except for heavily supervised recreation time.  

You get into the line.  The cooks put some rice, chicken and beans on your plate.  Jamie will take you to one of the back tables and then sit down.
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Malcom takes his tray of food and follows Jamie. He does not seem bothered by the plain fare, he's had worse in most of the foster homes he has been in in the last few years. Or gone hungry in others. He doesn't say a word, just keeps a wary eye out, but consciously avoids making eye contact with anyone.
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While you're eating and minding your own business you had not noticed some drama happening between a couple of teens.  One of the larger boys shoves another boy off his chair and says, "Are you fuckin queer?"

The victim is stunned by the sudden attack and then begins crab crawling away from the larger boy.  "N... no!  What are you talking about?"  

"I saw how you were looking at him!" (points out another boy)

"I don't know what you're talking about," the smaller boy says while cleaning up the food on the floor. 

Then all of a sudden the air erupts with food, chairs and trays!

[Roll Initiative... You don't have to actually participate but I still need an Initiative roll.  Add your Intuition rank number onto a D100 roll.]
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