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Issue #0: What came before... [~Malcolm only~]
As she just continues to glare at him, he slowly realizes that it is even worse than his initial fear. She wasn't afraid of him doing it again... she wanted him to...

"I..I W..WON'T!!"
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She scowls at Malcolm.  "You will do it again.  You know you will.  It's well documented that especially in adolescence the teenage mutant's power are influenced by their emotions.  All those raging hormones combined with your mutant powers make you a bomb just waiting for its fuse to be lit."
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""N.no, I.I w.won't. I.I w.will g.go aw.way. Aw.way from p.people. S.somewhere I w.won't h.hurt n.no on.ne"
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"Yes you will be going away.  You're going straight to a detention center with the rest of the delinquents.  You will wait there until the courts decide what to do with you.  You better hope they don't decide to try you as an adult.  Assaulting children and two police officers with a deadly weapon has some stiff penalties."

Leaning back in her chair she looks at you and releases a long drawn out sigh.  She waits for a moment while staring at you before adding, "Is there anything else you would like to add to the record?"
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"I.I d.don't kn.now w.what y.you w.want. I.I j.just w.want t.to be l.left al.lone."
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"I'm afraid being alone will not be in your future for a while.  Like I said, the detention center is filled with delinquents."  She closes the lid on her laptop and stands.  "Don't worry, there isn't too much backlog in the court.  You shouldn't have to stay there longer than two maybe three months."  She smirks then leaves the room.  

Immediately two guards enter with tasers ready and ask you to stand.  If you do they walk you to a detention cell and tell you to get inside.  Once inside he states, "Normally we would put you in an office to wait for transport to the center but something more sturdy is required for someone like you.  Transportation should be here within a few hours.  Just relax and everything will be fine."

If you have no further questions, the guard leaves you to your cell to wait for transfer to the Detention Center.
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Malcolm just dejectedly obeys the instructions, shuffling along, head down. He doesn't know what else to do, nothing has been right since.. since that day.
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The transport arrives about 3 hours after Malcolm was placed in the cell.  He is escorted to the armored vehicle by a half dozen policemen wearing riot gear.  They help you into the back of the truck and then secure you inside.  If you cooperate, four guards will join you in the back while the other two sit up front.  After radioing in all the necessary information, Malcolm hears the truck start up and begin moving toward their destination.
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Again, Malcolm sits there, silent, tears rolling down his face.
It was so unfair, he just wanted to go home.. but there was no home anymore, they had taken his mother, killed his father,, now they were taking him.

Would there be others, like him and his parents? What was going to happen?
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The ride to the detention center takes about 45minutes. On the way nothing happens except the guards the occasional glare from the guards in your direction. When the truck stops you hear in the front get out and moments later the doors open in the back, temporarily blinding you for a second.

"You're here," the officer states.

one of the policemen who rode with you gets up and unlocks the restraints that bound you to the inside of the truck but leaves the others that bind your hands and feet in place. They then help you out of the back and lead you into the detention center.

Once inside the cold cinder block building, the intake officer receives your information and then another officer searches your clothes for any valuables or weapons to seize and account for before putting in storage.
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