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Issue #0: Neverwhere and beyond [~Gedeon Only~]
Gedeon's eyes flutter open.  It's morning or at least to her clan it was and that's all that mattered.  She was expected to guard someone who had a special meeting in Seattle Above.  With whom Gedeon had no clue but she had always been fascinated with the World Above so she eagerly volunteered for duty.  It was already late, though.  She needed to get her ass moving or she would be late, late, LATE!

[OoC: I purposely left the description a little vague.  I figured you had an idea in mind for your clan and what your domain looking like.  So at first, I'll go with the flow.]
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The constant tapping of water drops ran through the caverns and tunnels, providing a familiar, calming cadence as Gedeon crossed the room. A water basin sat waiting for her, which she had filled the night before from the jars they set out during rainfall. She quickly washed her face and hands, and pulled on what she thought of as her "surface costume," an outfit put together to make her blend in with the surface dwellers. Cargo pants, a tank top, and a hoodie. Unremarkable. Hoping as she tried pulling of her shoes while heading out of her little alcove, she headed toward the main halls, carrying a candle to light her way.

Her route took her through the sunken stores of old Seattle, a picture out of history if not for the grime that had settled on everything due to it being underground. Some of these tunnels, the more intact ones that weren't at risk of cave-in, had tours going through them at certain hours, but not at this time of day. The tour guides made more money in the evenings, telling stories of the ghosts of the past that haunted the tunnels. That and the noise that the surface-dwellers caused made it easy to avoid the tours.

She hurried through the tunnels, eventually finding her way to the main hall, the biggest and most deeply buried cavern, brightly lit with many candles, past the place where the old storefronts give way to natural formations. This is where she was supposed to meet whoever would be giving her orders today, and they should already be there since she was late.
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As Gedeon hurries to the Main Hall with her candle dimly lighting her way, she rounds a corner and is startled by a severed head laying at her feet.  With your heart in your throat you yell, "Blue!  Stop doing that!"  The head rolls around a bit until it's resting upon its stub of a neck [note there is no blood] and the head replies, "Where are you off to so fast, Gedeon?  Don't you feel like hanging out and 'haunting' the tourists today?"

Blue is a thin young man that looks like he has missed a few meals.  He got his name for the blue tint to his skin, which strangely turns more ash-grey in the sunlight, giving him the nickname: Mr. Grey, and for his melancholy attitude he displayed to most people who knew him.  His disturbing, often macabre array of powers also didn't make him particularly popular.  For the most part, you've managed to little by little break down his defenses and have become one of, if not his only, friend.

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Gedeon makes a ticking noise with her tongue and shakes her head. "You know we can't haunt the tourists too often, or else more of those camera crews will show up. It was bad enough, debunking them once." Continuing on her walk, she waves Blue along. "I've got an assignment." She doesn't like talking about her trips to the surface with Blue, knowing that he can't go out if there's any risk of being seen. Someone might follow him back.
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Blue's head looks up at her and asks, "An assignment?  What kind of assign..."  As Gedeon walks past he stumbles on his words, exclaiming, "H... Hey! Wait up!"  The rest of Blue's body jumps out of the wall and scoops up his head and runs up to the right of Gedeon.  With his head tucked under his right right arm he continues to talk.  "So what kind of assignment?  Can I join you?  You know I can float through walls and keep hidden.  You might need me."
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She glances sideways at her friend. She feels bad about this. But he really should know better by now. "You know how the Council is. If they wanted you on the assignment, they would have let you know. And they don't handle sneaking around well. If I take you with me, we'll both get into trouble."
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Your footsteps and voice begin to echo as you walk into the deep cavern of the enormous main hall.  The hall is lit by thousands of candles of various sizes lining the walls and spots on the floor.  At this point Blue silences himself and dives into one of the creepy shadows that the dancing candle flames create on the uneven walls.  Sitting at the back of the cavern on an old ornate chair is the man who you assume has asked you here.  You know him. He's called, Minister.  He holds quite a bit of power down under with the masses.  Minister sits with his eyes closed, waiting quietly.

[Image: 4d77d525c0bae3e5fd702e8f82579207.jpg]
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She glances sideways at Blue as he disappears into the shadows again, and breathes a slight sigh of relief that he is not interested in pushing it. She never could tell, with him.

Crossing the cavern with her boots thudding against the bare stone of the floor, she is a little surprised to only see one person awaiting her arrival, and even more so that it is Minister. Stopping before him, she announced herself.

"Reporting for duty, Minister."
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The petal like folds of what you at first thought was Minister's clothing, begin to open gently around his neck.  They seem to respond to your words and are nearly hypnotizing.  Suddenly you realize Minister is staring at you with violet pin points, through slit-like eye lids.  

*Gedeon,* You 'hear' a deep soothing voice say.  But Minister's lips did not move.  Nor did you feel like he was communicating with Telepathy.  *Finally here.  Daylight comes.  Waiting... Waiting... I mind not.  You are... Trustworthy*  You aren't sure if Minister's last words are a statement or a question.  The more you listen to Minister, you realize that it is defiantly not verbally speaking or using telepathy.  It was something Different.  Something more ancient than words or even thought.
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She squints slightly at the effect of the strange non-voice, as well as his words. They left questions. "Uh... thanks?" That could be a statement or question too. "Waiting... for me? Or are we still waiting for something else?" She feels a lot of anticipations suddenly, at all this uncertainty, but can't pinpoint where the feeling is coming from.
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