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Poll: Do you want to kill a god?
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I want to kill a god!
2 33.33%
I very much want to kill a god!
4 66.67%
I am weak and fearful and do not wish to participate in the killing of any gods at this time.
0 0%
Total 6 vote(s) 100%
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Who wants to kill a god?

On the other side of this bloodied snowy plain stands Thor, God of Thunder and Mythic Norden’s warmaster. His thousands of einherjar charge at you and your two comrades. Mortals watch from the distance, unable to turn their gaze away from the oncoming storm. As the horde charges, you let out a bellow that drowns them all out, shaking the very earth beneath their feet. Armed with your sword, loyal wolf companion, and your wits, you and your friends dive into the fray.

It’s pitiful. These fools don’t stand a chance.

Do I really need to sell this to you any more after that? Fine:

Mythender is a free RPG by Ryan Macklin, one of the people responsible for the current incarnation of Fate, wherein ruining a deity's day isn't the end-game, it's the entire game. It's basically like the God of War video game series and a Dio album had a baby, and that baby was raised on nothing but Dungeons & Dragons, Red Bull, and '90s-era professional wrestling.

The premise is simple: the gods are tyrants who deserve to die. You are a Mythender, one of the few people powerful enough to murder-kill the gods thanks to having been touched by the Mythic yourself. Of course, you'll have to amass more power than you currently have in order to do that, and if you lose too much of your humanity in the process, you'll undergo apotheosis and become a god yourself. You don't want that. Not least because the rest of the players in the game are also Mythenders, and their whole purpose is to, you know, kill gods.

You don't have to know the system -- the rules are structured enough that I can walk everyone through situations as they come up. But if you want to learn it, hey, the .pdf is free, knock yourself out. This game is more about being totally badass than knowing the rules anyway. Your dice (or the random number generator at invisiblecastle.com, at least) will cry tears of blood! And so will the gods when you take them over your knee and spank them until they say "uncle!"

"When I played Mythender, I probably felt the coolest I have ever felt at an RPG table. I was killed by Posiedon, but had nowhere to die... so I DIDN’T."
-- Lyndsay Peters

"Finally, a game that weaponizes my existential angst."
-- Nora Last

"The finest game of deicide since Candyland."
-- Josh Roby

You know you want to. You know this sounds awesome. You will kick ass and erase names.
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All of my yes, sir. All of my yes.
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One walking slayer of gods, one force of nature, has answered the call, a living blizzard of chaos and doom! He is destruction incarnate, prepared to leave in his wake the broken bodies and spirits of the Mythic World's nightmares.

He is an independent being, over whom no one is master. The only equals he knows are other Mythenders -- for the moment, he knows no equal. He goes where he chooses, he does what he will, for whatever reasons he holds.

He is a cursed soul. He is damned to become the thing he hates most: a monster, a god, a Myth. Either this or death awaits him; there is no future life of peace.

He is a lonely mortal, still capable of feeling. He seems inhuman to all of mortalkind, but he still has a soul that knows joy and pain. If he ever loses that, he will fall and become a Myth.

He is a badass motherf****r with a complicated existence. Enough said.

Two to four more brave souls are required, lest the tyranny of the Mythic continue. Two to four warriors metal enough to leap off a mountaintop with a massive, flaming sword and use it to split open a giant's face.

At least, it's a face right now. Someone should fix that.
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I should like to kill deities, I think. You see, I -- that is, friend of mine, she met this guy in a bar about a year ago. Just her type. So she took him home, where she screwed him senseless. Of course he used protection, she's the practical sort. How was she supposed to know that he was a god -- until, of course, she found out she was pregnant with twins. Even that was not enough to make her homicidal. No, the murderous rage came when he took the babies. Now they all will pay.
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A second archon of destruction has entered the fray, intent on slaughtering the tyrannical Myths holding sway over the world, but she will not be satisfied to simply kill them -- she will unmake them, transforming them from beings that rule mortals into legends people vaguely remember. They will not just die... they will be Ended. Only she and her companions have the power to do it.

She will interact with mortals that barely understand her, seeing her just as they see gods and monsters: as a terrible being that has more power than they can imagine. She can break Thor's jaw, but getting a little girl to smile instead of running from her glorious and horrific visage? That doesn't come easily to one who wields Mythic power.

She will struggle against becoming a god herself. She lives in the vicious cycle of apotheosis and deicide, as she must take on the corrupting powers of the Mythic World in order to End its gods. Each time she takes more much-needed power, she takes a step away from her mortal soul and a step closer to becoming a Myth.

Or maybe she'll ignore all that "humanity" business and go pedal to the effing metal, diving headfirst into the heart of Myth and leaving piles of corpses in her wake. She'll gain power by making mortals worship her as a god. And eventually, her comrades will be forced to murder her Mythic ass.

At least one more immensely powerful agent of deicide willing to risk becoming a soon-to-be-axed-in-the-face god is required to kick ass and erase names to a heavy metal soundtrack, to dance on the knife's edge between having the power to slaughter abominations and becoming an abomination yourself, to hand the Mythic World its own ass ripped in twain.

Let's do it already.
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I'm in. I can only hope to be a Bad Enough Dude ™.
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A trio of godslayers has emerged! The very heavens quake with fear, knowing the doom of the Mythic draws near! These three will bring about the End of a deific tyrant... or will die in their attempt. Or worse, one will become a deific tyrant, forcing the others to bring about their End as well, continuing the endless cycle of apotheosis and deicide which is the curse of every land touched by Myth.

Will a fourth step forward to slay an abomination? It matters not, for either way a god will be Ended.

I shall request a forum post-haste!

There's still room for one more if anybody else is interested and how could you not be, but this is enough to get started.
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I wanna be the Guy! I wanna beat the Old Guy and become the New Guy!
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