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The morning after Thanksgiving ~Open to all~
[OoC: I'm going to try posting the active threads here and then move them into the proper forums when they close. I hope this will make them easier to find.]

November 27
Open to everyone

After last nights battle and subsequent medical check ups, most of you sleep in (except for maybe Jack).  When you get up you look outside and see it's bright but chilly morning.  Slowly the smell of Jack's breakfast alerts you to being hungry so you head downstairs to check what's cooking.
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At 7:30 in the morning Jack has been toiling away in the kitchen much to his delight, this is where his heart truly is besides it being firmly nestled in Lisa's hawt arms.  Most of the breakfasts that he was crafting this morning consisted of things that can ward off diseases or is 'good for the tummy' and such, or so he thought.  Jack was whistling while he worked like a dwarf from Snow White and he might have been dancing a little...a tiny bit. 
And his mental conversations keep on going for those whom of which like to Listen to Jacks' mental meanderings 'Oh man hope the peoples like my stuffs.  I think I need to take an english class *snicker* Wow I'm even 'snickering' in my brain??  'Good going old chap!   Man these strawberries are SUPER fresh, may even be mutants!!' 

"Strawberries, Blueberries, Raspberries CHOP...Milk and Oatmeal and Cinnamon and STOP."  He throws the first of the meals into the Microwaves for 1 minute.  The finished product is Oatmeal with Berries on top.  "LEVEL UP!!"  Jack yells to no one in particular. 

Then he begins working on some really cool Roast Beef Rollups for the late bloomers in the house.  Almost two hours later and in his best Igor voice he says "The designs are ready master!!"  Then rubs his hands together.  Puttering around and making various other designs for breakfast like 'EyeBall Soup' (Tomato soup with square melty cheesy bits) and Franken-Fingers (Sweet Potatoe French Fries with Marshmellow dip...SOOOO GOOOD.) 

After all of his creations were done and or ALIVE!!!!  Jack decides to quit while he was ahead for once before the zombies come downstairs.

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Aurum comes down and enters the kitchen, looking over Jack's spread of food. Though, her hair is back to being black, and her skin is a shade of shadowy ash. She doesn't even spare Jack a glance before grabbing a plate and loading it up with Roast Beef Roll-ups. In fact, one of the roll-up goes in her mouth before it even hits the plate. She seems very hungry.

She stops by the fridge and piles some left-over stuffing onto her plate as well.
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"Oh hey Ros, how's it go--ing??"  He looks confused as Aurum comes in and mega-noms on his goodies.  It wasn't a big deal, he appreciates people when they eat his food and all but she hardly ever eats that much food.  And the fact that her skin is two or three shades darker and grey.  Her hair was all black too.  'Wonder if Ashlee did that to her, but it doesn't explain her demeanor.  Not one to complain.'

He thought this was break time but sets off to make more foods for his co-students.

"Well...Ummm...Hey Roslyn?"  He thinks that would get her attention, it sure worked with him.  "Anything I can help you with?"  As he watches the stuffing being loaded onto her plate.  "I can heat those up for you if you like."
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"Wrong twice. Roslyn is asleep." She hands him the plate of stuffing when he makes his offer. "I woke up hungry. The girl never eats. You'd think someone would have noticed by now." Munching on another roll-up she comments, "I can tell you this: If I'm going to be riding along, I'm not gonna let her kill herself."
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This is all alarming to Jack as one of his best friends may be under attack or worse...Ghostifimicated.  "So Ummm...Who are you?  Roslyn is asleep?  What do you mean?"  Asks Jack as he takes the plate from her.  The slides it into the microwave for a minute.

"And yes I have noticed.  I have approached the girl a few times about her eating habits.  I tried to make her some very delicious food.  Just...she doesn't like the food I make or she doesn't like eating.  I think it's called bulemia or something..."  Jack continues to think "Oh wait!  If you could possibly do a favor for me.  Could you suggest to her--in a small way of course-- to try and eat better?  I don't know how possessions work and I don't understand her issue with food fully as she wasn't too forthcoming with that issue with me.  I want her to feel better about herself because people care for her and stuff." 

*BEEP*  Jack pulls out the plate of food and sets it onto a towel for her to handle without burning herself.
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She rolls her eyes. "Everyone around here is so obtuse. I would have thought it would be obvious. She called my name. Figure it out. And it's anorexia. Bulemia is when you make yourself throw up. Anorexia you just don't eat, and if people shove food at you, you take it upstairs, and hide it somewhere until everyone is asleep and you can sneak down and throw it out. And she's like 107 pounds. I just checked. Girl's sick. Best way I can help is by eating."
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"Yeah well I don't pay attention too well when I'm being thrown through walls.  So who are you?"  He is getting slightly perturbed by almost everyone wanting to say something to Jack or alluding to saying something to Jack. 

"And she might get sick from you eating too much.  Yes she's a waif, nothing can be done about that but it would be nice if you could relinquish control and let Ros back into her normal form please and thank you.  Don't make me get the Ghostbusters on your ass!"  He half chuckles but looks somewhat serious that his friend is being controlled.  He didn't even think that possible cause Aurum has 'leet skills with her mindyness'.
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She laughs, a cruel sounding laugh. "I'd like to see you try. 'Nothing can be done!' That's exactly why I left! Something can be done, and if people actually cared, they'd do it. But they don't have the balls." She grabs her plates and heads out of the room. She leaves via the hallway, not to the dining room though.
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"Do what?"  And she leaves.  "I would do anything for Roslyn.  She's my best friend."
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