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[IC] SOLO - Toot's Adventure
The jermlaine-souled-eagle strains his eyes and spots a thin wisp of smoke to the west. Maybe a farm or two beyond the edge of the forest, no more than half an hour's flight.
He also spots the black bear to the south, heading straight to what seems to be a large bush. Were it not for his druidic knowledge he would've thought it was ordinary foliage but it's actually a forest hut made from leaves and branches, adeptly camouflaged.
The bear stops and looks around, spots the eagle and gazes at him warily for a moment then disappears behind a large oak.
Toot sees no reason to investigate the strange goings on happening in this area.  Even his spells don't seem to work properly in this place.  Nope.  Jermlaine may not have good reputations but no one ever said they never knew when to run.   Toot's wits [High Wisdom] tell him that this is no place for a small folk to be.   With a flap of his wings, the Toot-Eagle flies high into the air and begins searching the horizon for any signs of civilization.
The two nearest signs of civilisation are the farms to the west and the hidden forest hut to the South where the bear disappeared.
Flying much much higher Toot spots a village, maybe a small town, to the Northeast, estimated distance is three hours of flight.
Flying even higher he can see even more settlements in every direction.
To the Southeast, far-far away, there is a colossal object, its bluish silhouette blurred by the vast distance, much like a thorn protruding from the side of Mother Earth, reaching high high up the sky. Based on the atmosphere's distorting effect distance must be a full day's flight or even more, and the object must be a thousand feet high if not more. Its slender design defies what little Toot knows about engineering, yet, no organic stuff is known by the jermlaine to reach such height. That thing must be man-made.

[OOC - rolling along with what Toot really desires to do. As you approach the boundary of the world "known" by the DM I'll have to widen the world around you.]
Toot decides to check out the farm.  It was west and that strange thorn-thing was to the south-west so the farm was sort of on Toot's way.  In any case, Toot hated flying.  Give him the cramped tunnels of a sewer any day over the open skies.  He will fly at top speed that will get him to the farm without fatigue or exhaustion.
OOC - the thorn thing is SE and it's waaaay farther.

Toot gets to the farm without difficulties. It's right at the edge of the forest. Landing at the westmost oak tree he can see that the farm is inn located beside an infrequently travelled road from South to North. On his flight he could see this dust line snaking around the forest, possibly towards that small town he saw.

Anyway, the farm features sizeable stables, wide crops and several pieces agricultural equipment around the farmhouse, including a cart, a larger wagon, gardening tools and the like. The farmhouse itself is large enough to host a dozen rooms or so. Maybe also acts as an inn? There's another, less dominant building near a creek that flows from the forest to the west: a meager water mill, currently idle.

Two kids play cheerfully behind the farmhouse, close to the creek, chasing butterflies and toads, cluttering wooden sticks together, making noise like a stork.
[OoC: Sorry, I'm not sure why I messed up the directions.  Perhaps I posted after working an overnight so my brain was thinking more about bed then what I was reading. ]

Toot takes the time to have a look around. [Taking 20][I'm assuming it's daytime with the children out playing but what time of day?]

If he finds something edible, which is mostly everything, he will gobble it down, as long as it's likely to go unnoticed.  Toot will avoid any adults who might be feeling peckish for eagle, especially if they have a weapon close by.  Once he has explored the farm and filled his belly, Toot will once again take to the air but this time he will fly toward that thorn protruding from the side of Mother Earth.

[OoC: Jermlaines feed mainly on carrion, insects, fungi, and molds, but will devour larger prey if they can get it; usually this means lizards and the like. They have a real fondness for sweet foods like candy and fruit, and will accept these as bribes.  

Mmmmmm decaying animal flesh!  Nummy num nums!  Tongue ]
OOC - it was late night / early morning as the adventure began.
Toot arrived at the farm on the second hour after sunrise.

The jermlaine-eagle has no difficulty find something edible for himself, even the eagle himself. It seems whoever's the adult overseeing these kids doesn't mind the kids running around freely because no adult nose peeks out of the house throughout the morning hours. The most dangerous weapon he spots is a hayfork. Then, around noon, he can hear wooden windowsills cracking open and a cheerful female voice calls out, inviting the kids for lunch. They return cheerfully and rush into the house, just to be greeted by a few scolding words and ushered outside to visit the well on the middle of the yard. Working hard on the wheel and voicing opinions of disagreement about the futility of washing your face before lunch the kids eventually retrieve a bucket of fresh, cool water and after the first splash their stubborn look is gone and they cheerfully splash each other. The woman calls out once more, quoting the names "Kiera! Telee!" in a demanding voice. The kids hastily finish washing their faces and hands and rush inside without a word.

No more life remaining outside worthy of observation Toot gets aloft again and sails southeast.
After thirty miles the thorn grew a bit larger but still too far for details to be discerned.
As the glowing white sun is about halfway from noon to sunset another, red celestial body rises on the east, covering the area in crimson light.
Toot watches this 'red celestial body' and scrutinizes it for any details.  A lot of strange things were happening today and it was spooking Toot the Eff out!  It was starting to make him yearn for the protection of a nice gloomy sewer or rat's nest.  Toot wonders if perhaps he should rethink this exploring the world.  His master had thought all young Doodids should travel to gain life experience.  But the world was a frightening place when you're smaller than pretty much everything around you.
Over time, Toot realises that the body behaves much like the Sun. It's about the same size, moves about the same path, and warms things up. Maybe even more than the "ordinary" Sun. So if it's either a sun or a moon then it's definitely the former.

Considering places to hide there are three obvious places.
One, the forest. Spooky.
Two, the farm. Dangerous with all those humans walking around.
Three, the thorn. Maybe it's the centre of some high civilisation, meaning lots of sewers and lots of rats. But definitely the highest level of "unknown" out of the three.

The fourth option would be to dig here, deep down until he hits a cave or something. There are certainly animals that can burrow but to find the cave he needs some wild shape that could chew through solid rock...
[OoC: Is this celestial body normal to this campaign world? Have I seen this before? Is it new? Is it a strange sun that only shows up every so often? ]

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