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[IC] SOLO - Toot's Adventure
The croc emits a low growl followed by a hiss, Toot's magic interpreting it as "Come insssside..."
"Whaaaaaaaa? You eat Toot," the tiny creature cries out which sounds more like a squeak. "Toot not num nums! Give Croc baaaaaad tum tum. YES! Bad tum tum!"
"Be niccce and get insssssside" the croc hisses again.
Toot squints at the croc suspiciously.  The little thing still didn't trust it.  It was hard to trust anything bigger than Toot was especially when it asks you to jump into its mouth.  So Toot whispers another supplication and suddenly a wicked looking rat appears [summon natures ally 1 ].  Grabbing the Dire Rat's ear, Toot squeaks in Rat language to go exploring in the croc's jaws.  The Dire Rat scurries over to the crocodile and hops onto it's tongue.  Toot waits to see what happens.  If nothing, Toot motions for the Rat to go deeper and deeper into it's jaws until it's in the back of the creature's throat.  If still nothing happens, then Toot will move closer to the Croc and slowly step inside it's jaws.

[Readying action: If the Croc tries to hurt Toot, Toot will dive out of it's mouth and run full speed away through the thickest foliage [Woodland stride & Trackless Step.]
The rat squeaks at Toot at the feeble attempt to send it to certain death. It takes a wide round around the croc instead and tries to bite through its heavy scale armor viciously, with not too much of a success. Regardless, the croc doesn't take it as an offense.
[OoC: Summoned creatures don't have a choice in what they do. They do whatever the summoner tells them, even if that means suicide. Also, I didn't ask it to bite the croc. I told it to get in the croc's mouth. Anyways... ]

Toot wasn't dealing with this creature any more. Whatever its thoughts, it wasn't going to make a meal out of Toot today so instead, Toot does what any Jermlaine would do and runs away. Too many creatures that could eat the little creature makes Toot run for the closest settlement.
The rat's behaviour startles the druid indeed. As much as he knew about summoned allies of nature the rat should've obeyed the command. Still he failed. As if... Toot's magic wasn't working as expected... Or as if it was countered somehow.

Toot wonders where the nearest settlement may be. He avoided them on his trip here, last he could remember was days away to the North (luckily that's not the croc's direction).
From the weather he can't tell if people in this region would have fires burning, smoke telling tales about their whereabouts. The swamp may be home to some monstrous humanoids who may be more hostile than wild animals to creatures like Toot.

He hasn't seen what lies west (away from croc) or south (right from croc, towards bear).
Toot concentrates for a moment and then suddenly his body twists and grows slightly from Tiny to Small.  Skin sprouts feathers while arms turn to wings and in mere moments Toot takes to the air and flies high up into the trees to get a birds eye view of the creatures below as well as the surrounding countryside. 

[OoC: Toot Wildshapes into an Eagle]
The jermlaine-eagle flies up to the nearest tree that seems to rise above all the others and takes in a wide scene. There seems to be nothing other than trees all around as long as the eagle's eyes can penetrate, even though the druid remembers having crossed a fair-sized field the other day. Does someone play with the druids senses now? Or is it really so obscure even the eagle's legendary vision cannot cross?
[OOC - sorry - threw two 1's in a row...]
[OoC: I will take 20 on my spot check.]

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