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[IC] SOLO - Toot's Adventure
[OOC roll for Bluff please. or should I say Intimidate? ]
"Did I mention my friend the Grey Dwarf also has a very nasty Orc friend?"

[Both skills have the same skill check.  Rolled a 7.  Do I get a bonus with the bear at my side and the sound of people in the next room?  Please see PM.]
OOC - your sig suggested bluff +4, please consider fixing it.

The bluff's effectiveness is reflected by a torch appearing out of nowhere and flying in Toot's direction, falling about halfway between him and the corner.
Toot can hear a youthful bear's voice but a seasoned druid is not fooled-- this is imitation.
Boo interprets the growl as "no harm, just looking for food".
He replies with a warning growl, "Stay away from chief or I'll bite you".

Care to take over roleplaying Boo from this point on?
[OoC: Sorry.  I copied and pasted someone else's sig then changed the information.  I must of missed one.  I will fix it.

If you want I can take over Boo.]

Boo was making some odd noises.  Usually he stays fairly quiet unless he's warning of danger.  This sounded a lot like when Toot would have conversations with Boo after casting speak with animals.  Was there another druid here?  

Toot will pause a moment to think back to his Master's teachings and then will carefully say in Druidic, "Deep peace to you my brother.  I honor your path and I bring an unprotected heart to our meeting place."  Toot then waits for a Druidic response.
OOC - you three cross-posted, two posts with less than an hour difference so it's hard to resolve the conversation. A feeble attempt is done in the new thread, here:


EDIT: last comment on your last post in this thread.
Toot considered the stranger's bearlike voice being the result of the spell he knew and decided (Spellcraft 27) that no; this was someone who took the pain of learning Boo's language.

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