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Answered Private Messaging Disabled by Default
Not sure if this is something that's been mentioned anywhere else, but I just recently discovered that by default you can't receive private messages. Every account begins with the "Receive private messages from other users" box unchecked. While I suppose this isn't a huge deal for some people, I can see how it might become a problem for others; particularly new people, who unless they go through all their settings and find out themselves that their PM'ing abilities have been disabled will never know until someone's informed them that they've sent them a bajillion private messages that they haven't responded to.

If I missed this info posted somewhere else, then ignore this message. If not, then yay, teamwork!
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Sounds reasonable to me. If our other admins have no objections, I'll look into changing it.
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That's fine my friends.  Go for it.
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I've added back in some options on the registration form of which enable PM's is one and is on by default. If we don't like the look of the options we can hide them to keep the defaults. (I think).

Any future users will have it on now (unless they turn it off themselves).
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