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Game rules/ House Rules
House Rules:  [These may change based upon what's best for the game.]

  1. Crossbow within 30' negates 2pts of armor bonus or natural armor bonus
  2. Able learner for free
  3. Diplomacy does not break reality.  You can't do the impossible.  DM decides what's possible based upon what makes sense for the game.
  4. Dice for cure wounds spells that are personally cast are 1d4+4 for every Die 8 the spell would normally grant.  Magic items do not gain this bonus.
  5. Item Creation: Ability Bonuses: Items may be created with an odd number bonus, such as Gloves of Dexterity +1. The cost is computed as normal.
  6. All casters get eschew materials for all spells with a component cost of 1gp or less ONLY if they have a spell component pouch.
  7. No penalties for multi-classing.
  8. Hit points for 1st level are always Maximum. Thereafter each level is a minimum of Half+1. So a wizard would get 3; a fighter would get 6 etc.
  9. Rest returns healing based upon the character's average hit dice.  A d4=1hp/level; d6=1.5hp's/level; d8=2hp's/level; d10=2.5hp's/level; d12=3hp's/level
  10. The Heal skill may return a small amount of hit points.  Starting at a DC 20 you return a number of hit points based upon the receiving characters average hit dice.  A d4=1hp; d6=1.5hp's; d8=2hp's; d10=2.5hp's; d12=3hp's.  A DC of 25 multiplies the hit points by x2; DC 30= x3; DC35= x4; etc
  11. Use fractional attack and save modifiers for multi-classing found in Unearthed Arcana.
  12. Potion & Scroll Creation Time:1 day per 1000gp base price. If the base price is less than 1000gp, divide 1000 by the base price. This is how may you can create per day. But they can't create more than you can cast at your level.
  13. Turned Undead Any attack (by the cleric or his ally) on a turned undead breaks the turning effect on that undead.
  14. ]Cure wounds CAN have a casting time of 1 minute, and at that time the spell is considered Maximized - that is, all random dice are considered to have rolled the maximum number possible.  Other meta-magic feats may be applied to the spell as normal. The version used is decided by the caster at the time of the casting.
  15. Characters who are dying (-1 to one minus Con) can attempt to stabilize with a Fortitude save, DC 10 + 1 for every negative hit point (DC 11 at -1 hp up to DC 19 at -9 hp), instead of having a flat 10% chance to stabilize. This favors fighter-types, but I'm okay with that. It also makes bleeding out a bit less random.
  16. Any glove or gauntlet that occupies just one hand, such as a Gauntlet of Rust or Glove of Storing, allows another single magical glove or gauntlet to be worn on the other hand as well.
  17. Clerics and Favored Souls must worship a deity. If players can't find one to their liking, I am open to creating one, but I don't allow Clerics that worship an "ideal." Paladins may worship an ideal
  18. Dying characters can last until -10 plus 1 point per con bonus.  Negative penalties for low con do not effect this number.
  19. All shields grant 1 more point to AC than indicated, except bucklers.
  20. When a caster dies, any spell stays unless it's duration is Concentration. Summoned creatures continue following their last order to the best of their abilities.
  21. Quick Draw=quick sheath
  22. Monkey grip and Large build do not stack.
  23. One free bonus racial or regional feat at first level.
  24. Get a feat ever odd level.
  25. Get a stat point every even level. At 2nd, 6th, 10th, 14th, and 18th level the player chooses a Mental (Int, Wis, or Cha) or Physical stat (Str, Dex, or Con). Then at 4th, 8th, 12th, 16th, and 20th they choose the opposite stat type.  Remember, the enemies will get this bonus too.  [Example: If a wizard chooses Mental for 2nd level and Physical for 4th level he would get 1 point to ONE of his mental stats at 2nd, 6th, 10th, etc and 1 point to ONE of his physical stats at 4th, 8th, 12th, etc.]
  26. Fighters may trade heavy armor proficiency for dodge.  This is for those Swashbucklers types who will never use Heavy armor.
  27. Races don't receive any penalty for multi-classing. Favored classes give 4 skill points at first level and then +1 point for each level taken in the character's favored class. The class humans take at first level are considered their favorite class. 
  28. Bluff and Diplomacy gives synergy to sense motive.
  29. People with Trap sense may make a spot check when they come within 5' of a trigger of a trap. The DC is the search DC of the trap +10.  The character may add their trap sense modifier to the roll. The spot check IS always rolled by the DM.  I believe some highly skilled characters (those with trap sense) should be able to sometimes detect a trap instinctively.   
  30. Trap sensitivity feat: may add their Trap Sense to their roll.
  31. Toughness grants 1 hp per level.
  32. NPC classes are always treated as a favored class.
  33. Greatclub is a simple weapon, anyone proficient in the club is also proficient in the greatclub.
  34. Dismissing a spell is a swift action.
  35. Sorcerers gain Heritage from Pathfinder.
  36. Craft skills: In order to make craft skills more useful for PC’s, the rules for crafting have been slightly changed. When a successful check result is made, the progress made is determined by multiplying the check result by the DC as normal. However, instead of completing this amount of silver pieces worth of material in a week, you complete this amount of gold pieces worth of material in a week. Conversely, you complete the same number of silver pieces worth of work in 1 day.
  37. Meta-magic feats may be used 1 time per day on the fly.  Players may take the same feat again to gain another use of that meta magic feat per day.  So taking empower twice would let you use Empower twice on the fly.
  38. Size modifiers for hiding are also added to move silently.  [Testing]
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Hexblade Curses [Feats]

Curse of Distraction [Hex]

Your Hexblade's curse can distract your opponent, making spellcasting difficult for him.
Prerequisite: Any other hex feat, hexblade's curse ability.
Benefit: When using your hexblade's curse ability, your victim must make a Concentration check in order to cast a spell. As a hexblade's curse the DC equals 15 + Spell level. As a greater curse, the DC is 20 plus spell level. As a Dire curse the DC is 25 + Spell level.

Curse of Failure [Hex]

Choose a saving throw. Your hexblade's curse reduces your victim's ability to succeed with those saves.
Prerequisites: Curse ability.
Benefit: When using your hexblade's curse ability, you may choose to impose a -4 penalty on the saves of the chosen saving throw attempted by your victim. As a greater curse the penalty increases to -6, and finally -8 as a Dire curse.

Curse of Ignorance [Hex]

Choose two skills. Your hexblade's curse can reduce your victim's ability to use those skills.
Prerequisite: Curse ability.
Benefit: When using your hexblade's curse ability, you may choose to impose a -5 penalty on all skill checks of the chosen skills made by your victem. -10 as a greater curse, -15 as a dire curse.

Curse of Paranoia [Hex]

Your hexblade's curse causes your victim to become paranoid, forcing him to watch his back for enemies that don't exist.
Prerequisite: Any other hex feat, curse ability.
Benefit: When using your hexblade's curse ability, the bonus your allies recieve due to flanking increases to +3 against your victim, +4 as a greater curse and +6 as a dire curse.

Curse of Sloth [Hex]

Your hexblade's curse can slow your victim.
Prerequisite: Any other hex feat, curse ability.
Benefit: When using your hexblade's curse ability, you can choose to cut your victim's movement by one-quarter (rounded down). This affects all forms of movement. As a greater curse, the penalty is 1/2, as a dire curse the penalty is 3/4 (Minimum 5 feet).

Curse of the Stricken [Hex]

Your hexblade's curse hampers your enemy's armor.
Prerequisite: Any other two hex feats, curse ability.
Benefit: When using your hexblade's curse ability, you can reduce the protective quality of your victim's armor. As a hexblade's curse the victim's armor bonus decreases by -2 (minimum +0). As a greater curse, the penalty incrases to -4, as a dire curse the penalty increases to -6.

Curse of the Softened Blade [Hex]

Your hexblade's curse hampers your enemy's weapons.
Prerequisites: Any other two hex feats, curse ability.
Benefit: When using your hexblade's curse ability, you can reduce the potency of one of your victim's weapons. As a hexblade's curse the cursed weapon deals -2 points of damage (Minimum 1), as a greater curse this penalty increases to -4, and as a dire curse this penalty increases to -6.

Empower Curse [Hex]

Your curses are more potent.
Prerequisites: Curse ability.
Benefit: Your hexblade's curse bestows penalties 1 point greater than normal. Thus, your hexblade's curse imposes -3 penalties instead of -2 penalties, your greater hexblade's curse imposes -5 penalties and your dire hexblade's curse imposes -7 penalties.

Extend Curse [Hex]

Your hexblade's curse lasts significantly longer.
Prerequisites: Curse ability.
Benefit: Your hexblade's curse ability lasts 24 hours.
Normal: Your hexblade's curse ability lasts for 1 hour.

Foe of the Unlucky [Hex]

You may use your manipulation of bad luck to hamper your foes.
Prerequisite: Curse ability
Benefit: You may spend a use of your hexblade's curse ability to force an enemy who just confirmed a critical hit to reroll his confirmation roll. He must take the result of the second roll. You may not use this ability more than once per round.
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For your Information:

  1. Due to the nature of RANDOM encounters, I will at times include encounters that are clearly more powerful (or underpowered) than your character level to handle.  This won't happen very often and you will be given a portion of their experience depending upon how you role play the situation.  These encounters won't suddenly appear and start munching upon your group without warning.  You will be given a chance to spot them and to react how someone with common sense would expect to react to a large monster.  Reckless actions at the expense of the group will not be rewarded.  
  2. I don't mind occasionally role playing absent characters.  If you have a good excuse or inform me ahead of time of a vacation or whatever then that's fine.  I'm even willing to continue giving you an equal sum of experience points.  But if the absence is particularly long or frequent then it's not fair to the other players if you continue to receive the same experience points as they do when you're rarely around.  So expect to not receive as many experience points.
  3. Play by post is slow so I will at times make rolls for players to speed actions up.  For example, if you fail a skill check to open a chest I will likely assume you will try again or take 20 for your next action and will not wait for the player to post back what they are going to do.  If for some reason your next action wasn't going to be what I assumed it would be then we will work out a way to get that action included.
  4. I'm sure there will be more to come
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Regional/Background Feats

Ankheg Tribe Ambush
You have learned how to hide and spring to attack, much like the ankhegs that roam the plains where you hunt.
PRE: Human (the Shaar) + membership in Ankheg Tribe
You gain a +4 circumstance bonus on Hide checks when prone in tall grass. During a surprise round, you can leap up from prone position as a free action.

Arcane Schooling
PRE: Deep Imaskari (Underdark [Deep Imaskar]), Drow (Underdark [Sshamath]), Human (Chessenta, the Golden Water, Halruaa, Lantan, Mulhorand, Nimbral, Unther, or the Wizards' Reach), or Planetouched (Chessentra).
In your homeland, all who show some skill at the Art may receive training as arcane spell casters. Thus, many characters know something of the ways of the bard, the sorcerer, or the wizard.
As such, choose one arcane spell casting class. You can activate spell trigger magic items as if you had 1 level in the selected class.

Your people are renowned for their skill at story and song.
PRE: Elf (Sildeyuir or Snow Eagle Aerie), Gnome (Thesk or the Western Heartlands), Half-elf (the Dalelands), or Human (Chessenta, Waterdeep, or the Western Heartlands).
You gain a +2 bonus on all Perform checks and on checks with one Craft skill that involves art, such as calligraphy, painting, sculpture, or weaving. In addition, if you have the bardic music ability, you may use it three additional times per day.

Your people favor the axe, and have learned how to hurl such weapons to deadly effect.
PRE: Dwarf (the Great Glacier), Human (the Great Glacier, the Moonshae Isles, the North, or Vaasa), Lizardfolk (Surkh, or Orc (the Moonsea or Underdark [Northdark]).
When you make a ranged attack with a thrown weapon, you may add your Strength bonus instead of your Dexterity bonus to the attack roll.

You know what it means to fight for your life, and you understand the value of quick wits and quicker reactions when blades are bared and deadly spells are chanted.
PRE: Centaur (the Plateau of Thay), Dwarf (Underdark[Earthroot]), Elf (Cormanthor Drow, the Inner Sea, the Outer Sea, or Underdark Drow), Gnoll (the Plateau of Thay), Grimlock (Underdark [Reeshov]), Halfling (the Chondalwood), Human (the Dalelands, the Nelanther Isles, Silverymoon, or Tethyr) or Orc (Underdark [Northdark] or Vaasa).
You gain a +2 bonus to Initiative, and all Spot checks. You cannot become shaken, and you ignore the effects of the Shaken condition. However, you can still be Frightened or Panicked.

Bloodline of Fire
PRE: Human (Calimshan) or Planetouched (Calimshan)
You grew up in a region where fire spirits once ran prevalent. As such, your people have the blood of efreet running through them. Gain a +4 save bonus vs. fire effects. In addition, you cast spells with the Fire descriptor at +2 caster level.

The stubbornness and determination or your kind are legendary. You are exceptionally headstrong and difficult to sway from your intended course.
PRE: Human (Calimshan) or Planetouched (Calimshan)
You receive a +2 bonus on Will saves, and you cannot become shaken, ignoring all effects of the Shaken condition.

Cheetah Tribe Sprint
You have learned the secret of lightning-fast running from the cheetah that roams the plains where you live.
PRE: Human (the Shaar) + member of the Cheetah Tribe
Once per hour, you can move four times your speed when making a charge action as a full-round action. You cannot perform this feat while wearing medium or heavy armor or carrying a medium or heavy load.

You've been lied to more times than you can count, this history has made you intimately familiar with the deceit, guile, and double speak of city folk.
PRE: Dwarf (Waterdeep), Elf (Waterdeep or Underdark), Halfling (Amn), Human (Amn, the Golden Water, the Sword Coast, or Waterdeep).
You gain a +2 bonus on Bluff, Gather Information, and Sense Motive checks.

Your people have been put to the test generation after generation, and keep on persevering.
PRE: Dwarf (the Galena Mountains, the Smoking Mountains, Turmish, Underdark [Earthroot], or Underdark [Old Shanatar]), Human (Damara, the Great Dale, Impultir, or the Moonshae Isles), Lizardfolk (Surkh), Orc (Amn, Chessenta, or Vaasa), or Slyth (Underdark [Fluvenilstra]).
You gain +5 hit points. This will stack with Toughness and similar feats.

Daylight Adaptation
PRE: Dwarf (Underdark [Northdark], Elf (Cormanthor Drow), Kuo-toa (Underdark [Sloopdilmonpolop]), Orc (Chessenta, the Hordelands, the North, or Thesk). Also, any Underdark creature with the Light Blindness quality that is not listed above that has broken off from it's society and spent at least 20 years on the surface.
Unlike other members of your race, you are not Dazzled or Blinded by exposure to bright light or sunlight. However, spells or effects that affect all creatures regardless of race, such as Sunbeam or Sunburst, still affect you normally.

Disciplined Upbringing
Your people are admired for their single minded determination and clarity of purpose.
PRE: Chitine (Underdark [Yathchol]), Elf (Evereska or Yuirwood), Gnome (the Western Heartlands), Halfling (Lurien), Human (Aglarond, Cormyr, Shadovar, Shou Expatriat, or Thay), Planetouched (Mulhorand), or Slyth (Underdark [Fluvenilstra]).
You gain a +2 bonus on Will saves and Concentration checks.

Eagle Tribe Vision
You have keen eyesight reminiscent of the giant eagles that fly over your tribal lands.
PRE: Human (the Shaar) + member of Eagle Tribe
You gain a +5 bonus on Spot checks.

Educated Upbringing
You grew up in a land where the pen was held in higher regard than the sword.
PRE: Elf (Evermeet, Silverymoon, or Snow Eagle Aerie), Gnome (Lantan), Half-elf (Silverymoon), or Human (Chessenta, Lantan, Silverymoon, or Waterdeep).
All Knowledge skills are considered class skills to you, no matter what your current or future class selections. In addition, you may also select two Knowledge skills that you have developed more fully. With these two chosen skills, you gain a +2 bonus.

You have been initiated into the secrets of the Witches of Rashemen as a member of the Ethran (the "untrained").
PRE: Human female (Rasheman)
You gain a +2 bonus on Handle Animal and Survival checks. When dealing with other Rashemi, you gain a +2 bonus on Charisma-based skill and ability checks. Furthermore, you can participate in Circle Magic.

You are a stranger to fear. Nothing can shake your courage.
PRE:  Aarakocra (the Stormhorns), elf (Elven Court or Snow Eagle Aerie), gloaming (Sphur Upra), gnome (Lantan), halfling (Channath Vale or the Western Heartlands), human (Anauroch or Impiltur), or orc (the Hordelands).[1]
You are immune to fear effects, magical or otherwise.

Foe Hunter
In a land threatened by fierce raiders, you have learned to fight effectively against certain foes. You know their ways and how to beat them.
PRE: Dwarf (the Galena Mountains or the Spine of the World), Half-elf (the Dragon Coast), Halfling (the North), or Human (Chult, Cormyr, Impultir, the Moonsea, the North, Samaranch, or Thindol).
You acquire a Favored Enemy. This benefit functions like the Ranger class feature of the same name, except that the exact type of creature you oppose is determined by hour home region, according to the table above. For purposes of figuring out your bonuses against the appointed type of creature, your character level is your effective Ranger level.
The following list gives you the region along with the appointed favored enemy:

Cormyr - Goblinoids
Chult - Goblinoids
The Dragon Coast - Dragons
The Galena Mountains - Goblinoids
Impultir - Demons
The Moonsea - Orcs
The North - Orcs
Samaranch - Yuan-ti
The Spine of the World - Orcs
Tashalar - Yuan-ti
Thindol - Yuan-ti
You grew up in a great forested area, and are knowledgeable in its secrets and ways.
PRE: Elf (the Chondalwood, the Forest of Lethyr, the High Forest, or Sildeyuir), Gnome (the Great Dale), Half-elf (the Chondalwood), Human (the Dalelands or the Great Dale), or Volodni (the Forest of Lethyr).
You gain a +1 bonus on all Hide, Listen, Move Silently, and Spot checks. When you are in forest terrain, the bonus increases to +3.

Because you are inured to the hellish heat of your homeland, you are resistant to blasts of fire that would damage other creatures.
PRE: Dwarf (the Smoking Mountains or the Sword Coast)
You gain resistance to fire 5.

Furious Charge
Your people are known for their love of battle, and they rarely waste time in meeting a foe blade-to-blade. You know how to make the most of a charge.
PRE: Aarakocra (the Stormhorns), Human (Cormyr, the Ride, Tethyr, or Uthgardt Tribesfolk), Orc (Chessenta), or Wemic (the Shaar).
You gain a +4 bonus on the attack roll you make at the end of a charge.

Halruaan Adept
You have studied the old cooperative spell casting traditions of Halruaa, and you are well-versed in the rites and arcana of Halruaan magic.
PRE: Human (Halruaan)
You can participate in Halruaan circle magic under the guidance of a Halruaan elder. In addition, you gain a +3 bonus to Spell craft checks.

Horse Nomad
You grew up in a culture that relies on Riding and shooting for survival.
PRE: Human (the Hordelands, Nimbral, the Ride, or the Shaar).
You gain proficiency with the Composite Shortbow, Light Lance, and Scimitar. In addition, you get a +3 bonus to all Ride checks.

Hyena Tribe Hunter
You have learned the secrets of hunting from the hyena that roam the lands where your tribe wanders.
PRE: Human (the Shaar) + member of Hyena Tribe
You gain a +2 bonus on Hide checks and a +2 bonus on trip attempts and rolls to avoid being tripped.

Lion Tribe Warrior
You have learned how to pounce on your foes, like the lion that roams your land.
PRE: Human (the Shaar) + member of Lion Tribe
You may make a full attack with a single light weapon as part of a charge action. If you have light weapons in both hands, you can instead strike with each weapon once, using the normal rules for fighting with two weapons.

Luck of Heroes
Your land is known for producing heroes. Through luck, determination, and resilience, you survive when no one expects you to make it through.
PRE: Elf (Elven Court, the Forest of Lethyr, or the Yuirwood), Glomaing (Sphur Upra), Half-elf (Aglarond), Halfling (Channath Vale or the Western Heartlands), or Human (Aglarond, the Dalelands, Tethyr, Turmish, or the Vast).
You receive a +1 luck bonus on all saving throws and a +1 luck bonus to Armor Class.

Magical Training
You come from a land where cantrips are taught to all who have the aptitude to learn magic. Every crafter and artisan, it seems, knows a minor spell or two.
PRE: INT 10 or CHA 10, Elf (Evereska or Evermeet), or Human (Halruaa or Nimbral).
You can cast three 0-level arcane spells per day as either a sorcerer or wizard (your choice, as long as you have a score of at least 10 in the ability that controls the spell casting for that class). You must make this decision when you first take the feat. Thereafter, you have an arcane spell failure chance if you wear armor (for wizards) and are treated as a sorcerer or wizard of your character level for the purpose of determining level-based variables of the spells you cast.
If you choose to cast spells as a sorcerer, the DC for saves against your spells is 10 + your CHA modifier. You know two 0-level spells of your choice from the sorcerer/wizard spell list.
If you choose to cast spells as a wizard, the DC for saves is 10 + your INT modifier. You have a spell book with all 0-level spells written in it, as any wizard, and can freely choose which three to use on any given day.

Mercantile Background
You come from a wealthy family with numerous contacts in the trading coasts and craft guilds of Faerun's bustling cities. You can get a good deal on almost anything you buy or sell.
PRE: Wealthy merchant family, and must be an active member of the family in good standing.
When you sell weapons, magic items, or other adventuring goods, you get 75% of the list price rather than 50%. Once per month, you can buy any single item at 75% of the offered price. You also receive and extra 300 gold to spend as you see fit during character creation.

Your people rely on a well-trained and well-armed militia to defend their land. You're no stranger to the use of weapons.
PRE: Half-elf (Aglarond), Halfling (Lurien), or Human (Altumbel, the Dalelands, Impiltur, Samarach, Thindol, or Turmish).
You gain proficiency with all martial weapons.

Mind Over Body
The aesthetics and mystics of your homeland have learned to overcome the frailties of the body with the unyielding power of the mind.
PRE: Sorcerer, Wizard, or Psion. Elf (Silverymoon, Snow Eagle Aerie, or Underdark [Sshamath]), Human (Calimshan, Mulhorand, Shou Expatriate, or Thay), Planetouched (Calimshan or Thay), or Spirit Folk (Ashane).
At 1st level, you may use your Charisma (for Sorcerers), Intelligence (for Wizards), or Wisdom (for Psionic classes) to determine bonus hit points. For all subsequent levels, you use your CON modifier, as normal.
In addition, you gain +1 hit point every time you learn a metamagic or metapsionic feat. Furthermore, if you can cast arcane spells or use psionic powers, you get a +1 Insight bonus to Armor Class.

Noble Birth
You were lucky enough to be spawned by those of great means, and as such you enjoy living in the lap of luxury.
PRE: Born into a wealthy noble family, duh
You start out with double your normal starting money. In addition, Diplomacy and Knowledge (Nobility and Royalty) are always considered class skills for you. Also, if you gain the Leadership feat you receive a +2 to your Leadership score.

Nomadic Trekker
You are particularly efficient at overland movement across the great grasslands.
PRE: Human (the Shaar), Thri-kreen (the Shaar), or Wemic (the Shaar).
You can move overland across trackless plains at normal speed. You gain a +4 bonus on CON checks required for forced marches across plains. Up to one ally per character level can also gain these benefits while traveling with you.

Your folk are known for their mystic power and seem to transcend their mortal forms. Your inner radiance is so strong that you are more than mortal.
PRE: Deep Imaskari (Underdark [Deep Imaskar]), Elf (Evermeet, Sildeyuir), or Spirit Folk (Ashane).
You are a Native Outsider, not a humanoid. You have darkvision out to 60 feet. Furthermore, you gain a +2 bonus on all Diplomacy checks.

Rhinoceros Tribe Charge
You use the power of the rhinoceros's charge in battle.
PRE: Human (the Shaar) + member of Rhinoceros Tribe.
When you charge, if your melee attack hits, it deals an extra 2d6 points of damage. This feat works only when you make a charge, even when you're mounted. If you have the ability to make multiple attacks on a charge, you can apply this extra damage ton only one of those attacks in a round.

You've spent endless hours learning how to handle a mount in a fight.
PRE: Human (Cormyr, Dambrath, the Hordelands, Narfell, Nimbral, the North, the Ride, the Shaar, or the Western Heartlands)
You can take 10 on Ride checks, even if you are rushed or threatened.
If either you or your mount fails a Reflex save while mounted, you can attempt a Ride check to succeed on the saving throw anyway. The save is successful if your Ride check result is equal to or greater than the spell's save DC. (Essentially, you can substitute your Ride check result for your Reflex save if the former is higher.) You can attempt this substitution once per round for either your mount or yourself. If both you and your mount fail a Reflex save against the same effect, your Ride check result applies to both your save and your mount's save.

Sexually Open Society
You come from an area where sex and sexuality are open and acknowledged aspects of existence. In such a society, clothing is used ornamentation and allure, not to hide breasts and genitals. Sexual topics are valid and frequent topics for discussion.
You gain a +2 bonus on all Perform (sexual techniques) checks and sexually oriented knowledge checks.
A character may not take both this and the Sexually Private Society feat.

Sexually Private Society
You come from an area where the act of sex takes place in privacy and society acts if sex and sexuality don't exist. In such a society, clothing is exceptionally demure. Sexual topics are never discussed and anything possibly construed as licentious is avoided or hidden. In extreme societies, this may even lead to the word "leg" interpreted as a bit scandalous and table legs covered for propriety.
You receive a +4 bonus on all saving throws against spells with the Sexual descriptor.
A character may not take both this, and the Sexually Open Society feat.

Silver Palm
You grew up in a culture based on haggling and the art of the deal.
PRE: Dwarf (the Great Rift, Turmish, or Waterdeep), or Human (Amn, the Dragon Coast, the Golden Water, Sembia, Tharsult, Thesk, the Vilhon Reach, or Waterdeep)
You get a +2 bonus on all Appraise, Bluff, and Sense Motive checks.

Smooth Talk
You grew up in a land where the people are accustomed to dealing with strangers without needing to draw their weapons to make their point. There are few problems that you can't talk your way out of.
PRE: Elf (Waterdeep), Gloaming (Sphur Upra), Gnome (Thesk), Half-elf (Waterdeep), or Human (Silverymoon, Thesk, Waterdeep).
You take only a -5 penalty if you attempt a Diplomacy check as a full round action. 
Normally, a diplomacy check takes 1 full minute, and rushing it imparts a -10 penalty.

Snake Blood
The taint of the Yuan-ti runs in your veins. No outward signs give away you heritage, but you are something more--or less--than those of your normal heritage.
PRE: Human (Chult, the Lake of Steam, Lapaliiya, Samarach, Tashalar, Tharsult, the Vilhon Reach, or the Western Heartlands)
You gain a +2 bonus to all Fortitude saves vs. poison, and a +2 bonus to all Reflex saves.

You were raised in a land where mighty wizards are common. Everyone in your homeland knows something about magic, and you have learned that things are sometimes not as they appear.
PRE: Elf (Evermeet, Underdark [Sshamath]), or Human (Calimshan, Halruaa, Nimbral, Samarach, Shadovar, or the Wizards' Reach).
You receive a +2 bonus on all Knowledge (Arcana) and Spellcraft checks. You also get a +2 bonus on saving throws against illusion spells or effects.

The sea is in your blood. You are no stranger to seas chases and blood on the decks.
PRE: Any major seafaring society.
You gain a +2 bonus on Balance and Profession (Sailor) checks. You ignore any hampered movement penalties for fighting on pitching or slippery decks, and you gain a +1 dodge bonus to Armor Class during any fight that takes place on or in a boat or ship.

Street Smart
You have learned how to keep informed, ask questions, and interact with the underworld without raising suspicion.
PRE: Growing up in any community of small city or greater size.
You gain a +2 bonus on Gather Information, Intimidate, and Sense Motive checks.

You were raised in an area where you fought often on steep slopes and treacherous surfaces.
PRE: Grimlock (Underdark [Reeshov]), Human (the Great Glacier or Uthgardt Tribesfolk), or Orc (Amn, the Moonsea, or Vaasa).
You gain a +2 bonus on Climb and Jump checks. You also ignore hampered movement penalties for ice and steep slops. If a surface is both steep and icy, you treat it as an x2 movement cost instead of x4.

Your people thrive in regions that others find uninhabitable, and excel at uncovering the secrets of the wilderness and surviving to tell the tale.
PRE: Dwarf (Chult or the Great Glacier), Elf (the Chondalwood, the Inner Sea, the Outer Sea, or the Underdark [the Wilds]), Human (Anauroch, Chult, the Great Glacier, Narfell, or the Shaar), Kuo-toa (Underdark [Sloopdilmonpolop), Slyth (Underdark [Fluvenilstra]), or Taer (Ice Mountains).
You get a +2 bonus on all Fortitude saves, and a +2 bonus on all Survival checks.

Tall Mouther Hunter
Because of your cultural hatred for tall mouthers, you have had specific training on how best to fight them.
PRE: Halfling (Lurien)
You gain a +2 competence bonus on damage rolls against aberrations. You also gain the benefit of Improved Critical feat for the weapon you are using in any such attack. This benefit does not stack with any other effect that expands your weapon's critical threat range. These benefits apply on melee attacks and on ranged attacks of up to 30 feet.

Tattoo Focus
You bear the powerful magical tattoos of a Red Wizard of Thay.
PRE: Specialized in a school of magic, Human (Thay) or Planetouched (Thay).
The saving throw DC for any spell you cast from your specialized school increases by 1. You also gain a +1 bonus on caster level checks made to overcome a creature's spell resistance when you cast spells from that school. In addition, you are capable of participating in Red Wizard circle magic.

Thunder Twin
You are one of the generations of dwarf twins born after Moradin's Thunder Blessing in the Year of Thunder.
PRE: Dwarf.
You have a twin brother or sister (fraternal or identical). If your twin is alive and on the same Plane, you may attempt a DC 12 Wisdom check, to sense his or her direction. If successful, you can note your twin's direction with a move action any time you take the time to do so during the next hour. You can retry this check once per hour.
In addition, you gain a +2 bonus on Diplomacy and Intimidate checks in dwarven society.

Your people are at home in the trees and high places, daring falls that paralyze most other folk in abject terror.
PRE: Elf (the Chondalwood, Cormanthor Drow, the High Forest, or the Yuirwood), Half-elf (Aglarond or the High Forest), Halfling (the Chondalwood), or Human (Aglarond).
You get a +2 bonus on Balance and Climb checks. You do not lose your Dexterity bonus to AC when climbing, and attackers do not gain any bonuses to attack you while you are climbing.

You are trained in fighting in woodlands and know how to use the terrain to best advantage.
PRE: Growing up in deep woodland territory.
You ignore hampered movement penalties from naturally occurring light or heavy undergrowth. (You are still hampered by magically enhanced brush and plants.) When fighting in wooded areas, you gain a +1 dodge bonus to Armor Class.
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The Third Dimension:

Because Flying or Swimming creatures can move in all three dimensions, it's often necessary to measure distances between creatures at different angles,or to adjudicate movement upward or downward at an angle.

The Triangulated Distances table shows distances between points at differently heights; the values have been rounded off to the nearest multiple of 5 for convenience in game play.  To use the table, find the horizontal distances between the two points and then the vertical distance between them, the point where the column an the row cross is the actual distance.  For example, if two creatures are 100 feet apart horizontally and 50 feet apart vertically, the actual distance between them is 110 feet.  You can also use the table to determine how far a creature can fly or swim in a turn if it also travels up or down.  To do so, find the vertical distance the creature wishes to swim on the left side of the table, then move right until you find the first number that equals the creature's flying or swimming speed.

[Image: Triangulated%20Distances_zpscxrkiph1.png]
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