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[OOC] Players Looking for Games
Hm, never realised we have two games of the same name (see @GM Marvel 's homebrew 3E game of the same name)
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(01-17-2018, 05:20 AM)DM Nerdred Wrote:
(01-16-2018, 06:28 PM)DM Surranó Wrote: Look around in the PF part of the forums; we have three games in Hungarian you may join... if language is not an obstacle for you Wink

I may be interested in joining another Hungarian game.  I must admit that I have been slow to do so because of the extra effort to translate but I don't mind.  I actually find the storytelling enjoyable despite the language barrier.  Any room for a druid in your game (Tölgybuckai kalandok) or DM Rodrick's (Runelordok ébredése)?  Maybe a Lizardling?

 Érdekelhetek egy másik magyar játékhoz való csatlakozás iránt. Be kell vallanom, hogy lassan megcsináltam, mert többet fordítottak a fordításra, de nem bánom. Igazából a mesemondás élvezetes a nyelvi akadály ellenére. Bármelyik szobában egy druida a játékodban vagy DM Rodrick's? Talán egy Lizardling?  Sorry about the mistranslating, I am tiredSmile  Sajnálom a hibás fordítás, fáradt.

You should ask it in DM Hael's OoC thread cos IMHO Rodrick doesn't read this thread.

You should join to Surrano's game there is a druid and it will be a fast game for you Smile the druid is tied and knocked out, we want to interrogte him / her.
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(01-17-2018, 11:43 AM)DM Surranó Wrote: Hm, never realised we have two games of the same name (see @GM Marvel 's homebrew 3E game of the same name)

It is because it IS the same campaign world..   GM Marvel and I play together IRL and have this homnebrew campaign world that we share and co-GM in. It works well because  we each incorporate what teh other GM does in their campaigns into our games and it keeps the world from seeiming as two dimensional as many other homebrew worlds do. Your adventuring party may not be the center of events appening in the world, there are often other events going on that have nothing to do with, or that completely alter, what your group might be doing.

It only works cuz we have known each other 25 years now.. we sort of have a good feel for each others style.
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