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Marvel Super Hero's OoC Thread - GM Marvel - 07-22-2015

Hey Guys, 

So who has made an account for their charater(s) on this site?  I've contacted some of the players and let them know that we might be moving the game here so I hope they make it here.  Lets pray we don't have to move yet because there's a lot of information on the old site that has yet to be copied.   Sad

RE: OoC Thread - Aurum - 07-22-2015

I've got Aurum and Gedeon here. Unfortunately, I didn't expect PH to go that quickly, so I didn't save any character sheets.

RE: Marvel Super Hero's OoC Thread - GM Marvel - 07-22-2015

(07-22-2015, 05:04 AM)Aurum Wrote: I've got Aurum and Gedeon here. Unfortunately, I didn't expect PH to go that quickly, so I didn't save any character sheets.

Yeah, I think everyone is having that problem.  Lets hope the other site isn't down permanently.   Sad  

But if it is, we will work it out.   Smile  We will either reroll; or try to create characters from memory; or maybe just do a point based system that's on one of the sites so you have more control over the character you create.

RE: Marvel Super Hero's OoC Thread - Alison Blaire - 07-22-2015

I have Daz made. As far as I know, PH is not coming back. We're not the only ones who lost a lot of information. Anything I can do to help, let me know. I gave it a good old fashion search on the wayback machine to see if any of the threads and forums I had logged in my recent history were there, and I didn't see any. Sad Most of the caches they had were all things in the archive...

RE: Marvel Super Hero's OoC Thread - GM Marvel - 07-22-2015

That sucks.  Without going into site politics, why couldn't they say that this was the last month the site was going to be open; or maybe a heads up that the site would be closing soon.  There are a lot of people on the site that have nothing to do with the politics and people who are their friends that the owners have really done wrong.  Angry

Well, I had planned to begin copying the threads over next Wednesday when I start my vacation.  Now all that information and history is gone and it will take a crazy amount of hours to replace if it ever can!  Cry I will take a look on my computer at home to see if I have any information.

RE: Marvel Super Hero's OoC Thread - Succubus - 07-22-2015

Actually there wasn't much in the way of politics. Spiral was added on a figurehead Owner. He had less Admin privileges given to him than the Red-Text Admins, like myself.

No one but the last remaining Owner (Plothook started off with two) knew she was going to stop paying this month. She was the only one who had any of the necessary information for the server hosting to stop payment. When it went black on the 21st, none of us Admins nor Spiral had any idea. She didn't get in touch with Stormhowl until about 7PM EST and said she was done. So I'm not even sure she was paying enough attention to the site and the payments to even notice when our time was up until we tried to reach out to her.

That said, I'm as frustrated as any of you, and I have said it a dozen times already, that I'm incredibly sorry the many DMs and players were hadn't already reached out to about this site had no idea of the coming end. I wish I could have given everyone a timeline but we had no idea ourselves. Starting this site was something I pushed when I saw there was nothing being done with the registration issue. I assumed that Ronnie, the last remaining tech admin holding the keys to the palace, would help out because Bolverk told me she was in regular contact with her. I have no idea if that was/is true or not.

Spiral's games have voted for a restart due to the changes and missing information in some games. Perhaps it is something to consider. Be sure to have everyone read thought the FAW under the Information menu and let me know if you have any questions about features or proposals.

I don't want to make the whole situation be about blame and scandal, because I think most of us are just sad our long time forum-home is gone. So, I won't be posting any angry rants about it all. I hope you lot don't hold negativity about Bolverk's decision because this is our new fancy condo we need to worry about furnishing with games!  Heart

RE: Marvel Super Hero's OoC Thread - GM Marvel - 07-22-2015

No one blames you for not being able to predict when the ax would fall.  I think people are just happy you had the forethought to create a new site and let us know what's going on.  I also don't think anyone expected the Owners to play forever.  Things change.  Real life happens.  Boredom sets in.  Hell, I had got sick and had to stop for a while.  If I had not came back when I did, I might not have ever found you guys again!  I'm not going to rant over decisions I have no control over.  But it still sucks that some time wasn't given so Players could be notified and games could be copied over.  I think I might have to at least restart my D&D game because for all I know, only 2 of my players know that the other site is probably gone for good.  The Marvel game might be able to continue.  A lot of players know of the changes and have already joined.  I've given a heads up to some of the other players that haven't returned yet and I'm hopeful they will be back.

Anyways, we will make the best of a bad situation.  I have some of the best players and I have faith we will recover with flying colors! Smile

RE: Marvel Super Hero's OoC Thread - Static Charge - 07-22-2015

I'm here. Can't get rid of me that easily :p

RE: Marvel Super Hero's OoC Thread - GM Marvel - 07-22-2015

So what do you guys want to do?  Wait for a couple of days to see if the Plothook owners have a change of heart or should we start remaking characters and carry on.  I actually remember most of Aurum's stats because Jessica had just attacked her. I believe Aurum has...

F: Pr4
A: Pr4
S: Pr4
E: Gd 10
R: ??
I: ??
P: In40

Hitpoints: 22 (now 12)

RE: Marvel Super Hero's OoC Thread - Static Charge - 07-22-2015

my stats are

F: Gd 10
A Ex 20 +1 cs via Hyper running (under Review)
S Ty 6
E Ex 20
R Ty 6
I Pr 4
P Ty 7

Health 56
Karma 17

Electrical Generation Rm 30
Electrical Resistance Rm 30
Hyper Running Am 50

Business World (Uncle) Quick Pizza
martial arts b, a, d (I think)
mental training (+1 cs to mental attacks) or something like that
Cook (+2 cs to making pizza)

LISA IS A HOTTY Smile Smile Smile

No idea about anything else aka I can't think right now cause I haven't slept yet Sad