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Players Looking for Games - Succubus - 07-10-2015

[Image: AT_-travelquote_4.jpg]

Please post here with using your Main Account. 

You are welcome to post about the systems or themes for adventures you are looking to play in here. 

This is for Players Only. 

DM/GMs may post about games they are interested in running in separate threads in this forum.

RE: Players Looking for Games - Static Charge - 07-12-2015

Hi. Most of you know me, some of you don't. I am looking for a 5th edition D&D game for a long time now. Why you ask??

* It's not like 4th edition
*It's not Pathfinder
*It's not 3rd or 3.5 D&D

IMO all of the above are crap in comparison. 5th edition is 'hard mode' Don't believe me? Try going through some of the missions
or maybe it was just me having a GM that didn't like players and breathing being one and the same.

RE: Players Looking for Games - DM Spiral - 07-13-2015

I got a spot for you in my "Children of the Gods' game Static. It might be a bit though, I still in the process of transferring everything over and getting the new game forums set up. As soon as I'm ready to kick that game off again, I'll let you know.

RE: Players Looking for Games - Static Charge - 07-16-2015

Oh thanks man. Smile

RE: Players Looking for Games - ST GammaBear - 07-23-2015

Anyone planning on running any PF, M&M 3rd or nWoD games?

RE: Players Looking for Games - DM Spiral - 07-23-2015

@GammaBear,  Well, I have an Custom d20 system I use for Marvel and DC,  But I just steal powers from M&M 3rd.   I gave up on WoD games and I just 5th Ed for my Fantasy Games.  

However,  I know Saint runs M&M,  He might be coming over.  I think he said he does 2nd though, but if he starts over he might be switching up to 3rd.    Your welcome in my Marvel or DC games though.  Not the systems your looking for, but it might be fun all the same.   I still have a bit of work to do on them though, so they don't have a start date yet.  I just set it up for Character requests and discussions for now.

@Static Charge,  The 5th Edition games are open for you to drop in some Character concepts in the OOC.  I have two, Meridian and Burning Realms.

RE: Players Looking for Games - ST GammaBear - 07-23-2015

Thanks bud. I'll scope it out. As much as I like Marvel and DC, I tend to steer away from canon worlds for personal reasons. However, I know you know what you're doing, so I'll definitely see what's up.

RE: Players Looking for Games - NerdHerder - 07-23-2015

Well hello, my name is NerdHerder and I am new to play by post roleplaying.  I have been roleplaying for as long as I can remember but I have never taken my roleplaying to the digital side of things.

I would love to join a 5th edition D&D campaign if anyone has any spots open.  Smile

RE: Players Looking for Games - Emps - 07-24-2015

Well, people have already posted about Pathfinder so far, so I might just be bringing up already tread territory, but is anyone planning on doing anything for Pathfinder? Guessing that won't be the case, wis there an opening for anything in D&D 3.5, any of the Warhammer 40K games, or maybe Exalted? (Exalted's gonna be... a bit weird. I've wanted to learn, since I love the setting, but I hardly see myself learning the complexities of the game without reason. Not really that kinda guy.)

RE: Players Looking for Games - ST GammaBear - 07-24-2015

@ Emps I'm looking for players for a Skull & Shackles game. Though, if there's enough interest for just basic Pathfinder, I'd be more than happy to run a game.