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Types of User Accounts
We have two major types of user accounts here. The first is what we call your Main Account. This is an account used to post messages Out of Character. The second type is a Character Account, and used in roleplaying games.


* Can be prefixed with DM/GM/ST to designate the account will be used to lead games. (For example: DM Spiral and DM Zarthrax)

* Can be a single word of set of words. (For example: Succubus of Dooom and Basilisk)

* Main accounts are limited to one per unique person. (Determined by e-mail address and IP)

* Be careful allowing others to log in for you. A ban on a main account will ban all known IP addresses connected to this account.


* Can include first and last names, or name and title (For example: Alice Dodgson and Kate, Lunar of the Owl Spirit)

* Character accounts can be created for any number of games. We ask that you do not create character accounts to "park"/reserve the name without using it. You may lose the account if you hold onto usernames that left unutilised or have been abandoned by log absence from the website.

* Character accounts can be recycled, via Admin assistance, by way of username change, deletion of posts, or transfer of account to another player within reason. No Admin will authorise, and should not be asked, to alter usernames on a frequent basis.

Group Memberships:

On the left sidebar in the User Control Panel, there is a menu for "Group Membership." Here specific user groups can be selected for inclusion. Character accounts may be joined to their group without Admin moderation, but will need an Admin to set the display title as such. DM/GM accounts may flag themselves for inclusion into the user group. A Mod or Admin will approve of the selection.
If you need to notify an Admin about your character accounts, you can post in this thread: Character User Group.
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A gaming group started in late 2005 when several members (from all over the world) came together on a long-running forum website called Plothook.net (formally known as Highmoon.net). Several games transformed from a by-the-book format to highly modified versions that became new hybrid systems with completely custom rules and abilities. Ten years later, these faithful players wanted to secure their work and their stories, becoming the basis of these forums.