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Behave yourselves. You are being watched.

Our community maintains these boards with the utmost care and consideration. We strive to make the sharing of creativity, writings, and out of character interactions enjoyable to everyone.

As a Registered User, we expect to have certain guidelines upheld on the website forums.

Politeness: Please moderate yourself to remain polite to every fellow Player. We consist of many languages, many nations, and many beliefs.
**Spammers do not share this right.
Registered Users are NOT allowed to post links advertising any thing/one/where OFF site on the boards, in profiles, or by Private Message.

Identity: Please register a single Main Account. That account can post in Out of Character forums such as this.
**Inappropriate or Offensive User names will be banned on Admin discretion.
**Come as yourself and play who you'd like in game.
Each User is allowed to have a Main Account handle, which will serve as your only Game Master (DM) Account.

Communication: Please keep communication open in your games between players and Game Masters (DM,etc). It is another polite way to keep your fellow players informed about your activity or necessary lack of. We offer a DM News Feed forum at the top of the index for this purpose. Please do not post your schedule updates in the this category of forums. No one wants to feel like a player or GM has left without a word. Real Life Comes First is an internet motto with large significance. Like all good friends, we like to know when things come up to make it easy for your return.

**Please keep your players and DMs informed.
DMs who create games without creating threads, abandon games without notice, and disregard player communications will likely receive negative reputation points and your reputation iwll effect your ability to start games or participate in games on this website.
Respect: Please don't start arguments or turn threatening to one another over any topic on forums. The majority of our forums are completely visible to the public, and we won't be misrepresented by hateful topics.
**There are private forums for verified users to discuss sensitive topics (at your own risk) and does not represent the opinion of the website's group of Owners, Admins, or volunteers as a whole. Individuals may speak their minds as long as it is in accordance to all laws which apply to internet content.

Entertainment: Please enjoy yourself. This is a hobby and an entertaining diversion. Many of us have become friends not only along digital lines, but gatherings at conventions and meetings amongst neighbors. We want to maintain that standard of trust and interaction!
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A gaming group started in late 2005 when several members (from all over the world) came together on a long-running forum website called Plothook.net (formally known as Highmoon.net). Several games transformed from a by-the-book format to highly modified versions that became new hybrid systems with completely custom rules and abilities. Ten years later, these faithful players wanted to secure their work and their stories, becoming the basis of these forums.