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General OOC not concerning character creation.
This ain't DnD. Death comes easy. Ever see someone get hit upside the head with an aluminum bat? Yeah, now imagine that bat is the size of a leg. Wink Your body determines how well you soak up damage, but every 4 hitpoints is a wound level. His body isn't that great. He only shaves off 1 point of damage, and hits to the head are always doubled. Your damage crossed through light, serious, critical, right to Mortal 0. A character can get to Mortal 6 if he's tough and lucky, but after that forget the body bag. You'll need a mop. Damn, I love Cyberpunk! Big Grin
What seems totally obvious to me may not be to you. I understand that to be my weakness as a writer. If you need further elaboration, please don't hesitate to ask. I want you guys to have a good time. I don't care if my carefully planned adventure goes flying off the rails as long as my players are having a blast. That's how I measure success as a GM.
Please put a list of whatever you are presently carrying with you at the moment in your signature. Change it when your load-out changes. Please note if you are attempting to conceal anything. Go ahead and place a skill roll next to it, just the total result, in case someone goes looking. Your wardrobe counts, too. Some people may react to you differently depending on your style of dress.

I'm trying to avoid 'but I have this' discussions while trying to narrate the action. If it's not listed, end of discussion. Thanks.
Okay but did I get a chance to go shopping or no cause it will change my load out if I do and are book prices still being used or is their a differential?
Sure, hit the mall. "I stop at the store on the way to the ass-kicking" is good enough for me.
I am trying to get some new recruits, but I will keep this going with two if nobody else shows.
Okay, Sounds good to me.
Good news. Looks like we have someone interested. Be nice. Wink
(06-21-2017, 08:09 AM)Man in Black Wrote: [ -> ]Good news.  Looks like we have someone interested.  Be nice.  Wink

Hi everyone. Hope I can figure this website out!
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